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  • Unecessary Censoring of: Korean Girl

    I'm on board with this. Maplestory has one of the most wretched chat filtration systems I've ever seen in an MMO, and I've been around the block a few. They can do a better job with filtering out the heavier cuss words without tearing our conversations to shreds. It's the words from commonly used phrases that butt together to partially form a 'bad' word that get censored which becomes frustrating when trying to communicate in MS text chat.

    Atop that, you can't see when you get censored in your own text feed, so it complicates things even worse, because you don't know when your words just got star'd unless some one else tells you.
  • When does 2x end so we can go back to leveling?

    Great leveling times coming up, Maplers!

    1x event, starting tomorrow -> Monday - Friday PST, super early morning to afternoon, errday

    Don't miss out! Get busy before the weekend arrives!
  • Regarding The Twitch Stream...

    Well, first thing is first, which are the positives.

    I'm pretty happy with seeing some more of an inside look of the content that is to come. I'm also happy with some of the confirmations they gave us about the big problems going on right now, such as the extreme lag issues, which are apparently being addressed as we speak. Things look promising on that front after what was said, and I am being hopeful about it.

    Also, I really long to see Gollux return, and I'm sure I am not alone with that sentiment. I'm glad they acknowledged that they are working on fixing that boss.

    However, let me get right to this- I am NOT happy AT ALL with the dodgy answer given about the unreasonable limit on V coins from the Santa boxes. A lot of people, in fact most every one I know and have seen on these forums, felt extremely cheated because of the change they put in place, and I felt we deserved a better answer than the "because reasons" answer we were given. One of the main reasons I felt compelled to watch the stream was to see if they would have the balls to address that problem.

    After a bit of obvious mental fishing for *something/anything* to throw out there, we were given this- that it was put in place so that we, as players, "would focus on other events instead of just that one" in so many words. But, over the last few days, the Santa boxes/V coin shop WAS THE MAIN EVENT THAT EVERY ONE CARED GREATLY ABOUT AND WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE MOST! The annual traditional Maplemas content is the sole reason I returned, and I did not even know about the fifth job 'till I re-installed and logged in, only to be met with this big "V" flashy video in my face. Again, I do not think the whole unlimited coins thing was really a great option, but the 10 coins a day thing was a very insulting nerf that had a huge backlash and was quite unreasonable.

    I just do not get it, guys. Even when the majority of players are severely discontent with such a nerf and have endlessly voiced it, why is Nexon still not willing to give players what they want during these sort of special events, or at least given an honest straight-forward answer as to why they don't want to give something back to their loyal players for even bothering to still log in? Between last year and now, the only thing I can deduce right now is resent toward players for something that was THEIR FAULT in the first place. If they mean otherwise, they need to do much better with their justification of such changes and quit giving us the silent treatment and these crappy invalid excuses.

    EDIT: INB4 "there are more V coin events coming, so chill T F out" I get that and I truly hope they redeem us for the mistake they made. I still just wanted to see a better PR type response from Nexon's representatives than what we were given!
  • Can all classes boss without dmg cap?

    Most folks don't have to worry about the fact that there is no damage cap any more, because most people will never ever reach even what the old cap was. There is a fantastic distinction between the whales and the have-nots on P2W servers, and for the ones on Reboot it's those with lots of time on their hands or good botting capability (mesos = power) vs. those who are just casual nobodys that will amount to mediocre at best when it comes to range.

    When it comes down to picking and choosing what to make, it's all pretty much irrelevant if you aren't on the possessive side of the above. The other alternative is begging for a "carry" for whatever bad azz bosses which you wouldn't be able to solo in your wildest dreams, and that is no fun because most people in the positions of extremely high range are usually downright egotistic about it and love to turn you down and choose their personal friends over you, because it gives them a sense of consolidated power in this online world.

    That all might seem grim, but this is truth- if you plan to solo the bosses that really matter in this game and work your way in to the crème de la crème of Maple, you'd better be prepared to spend a lot of time, a lot of money, and step on a lot of toes and nip at a lot of heels.
  • Suggestions For The Next Big Maintenance

    Here's my suggestions to Nexon on what needs to be done during the next major maintenance-

    - Start developing and implementing more efficient code. Focus more resources on sorting out the problems causing the intolerable lag and disconnections. If you are actively seeking solutions to these problems, please let us know about it with frequently updated announcements. Personally, I wouldn't mind the game being closed for maintenance(s) for a while if it meant coming back to an ultimately much more lag-free system and less server-based D/Cs.

    - Start developing a new item/meso looting system for this game, or at least tweaking the old one to make it more efficient. Almost every one I know or have known over the last few years in this game get the most lag issues from screens with hundreds upon hundreds of items floating across the floors of rooms when in large grinding groups, or from their pets having to pick up too many things at once. Something about that system is obviously very inefficient. I think all of us have experienced that and still experience some really bad pet loot lag.

    - Be more transparent and less sneaky/underhanded with your patch notes. It reflects quite poorly on your company to make ninja changes to the game, especially when the majority of those changes that are not mentioned in the patch notes are the ones that you know players will NOT like at all. Also, please add better explanations to said changes so we can understand how the developers/testers justify such nerfs. We like hearing that kind of info directly from the horse's mouth. "Because we said so" never sits well with gamers, most especially MMO gamers.

    - Last but not least, and I'm sure we're all tired of this by now, but it bears mentioning again- Please stop screwing over players during fun events. The good ones come along once or twice a year and we'd really like to be able to enjoy them to their fullest extent instead of being unfairly restricted from the prizes that are dangling in front of our faces. I don't know of any one personally that thinks the 10 coin/day change was justifiable. Most people were saying they could have lived with 100 per day, and that seems more reasonable.

    Though I don't think things should have happened how they did in the first place with the overly restricted coins/day, I sincerely hope that Nexon redeems themselves with next update and brings better options to let us work toward getting more of our favorite picks from the V coin store.

    That's all for now. I encourage and welcome constructive criticism and commentary below.
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