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  • Where'd my buddy list go?

    So, upon logging on today, I noticed my buddy list is gone. Guild too...anyone else?

    -Petalmagic from the lovely land of Reboot.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Venrous wrote: »
    If all of you like playing Kanna, then you shouldn't cry about its damage. It's just a game. If you want a DPS class, look at a chart.

    I'll give you example. Imagine that you are working in a good job that you like. Now suddenly they cut you 60% of your salary. Are you gonna try to explain it or you just keep gonna work because this a job which you like? This is your logic, and the salary in this case is our dmg. Kanna need dmg to be viable on the new 230 lvl content that they are currently introducing. And we won't change class because it's not that easy to get Arcane Force.

    Numbers are not a problem for me. If all of you want more damage, then spend more money on cubes for better potentials and crap. If Kanna can't do anything anymore, then use it as a mule. If you only care about damage, which everyone in this thread cares about, play another class.
    nexon should also remove Kishin and make Frenzy Totem the only thing for mob spawn increase thing. That way Kanna will be more competitive. That'd probably make it fair for everyone.

    Why do I have a feeling you are ban evading, DeeMon :T
  • How do you guys Stay Calm?

    DO I LOOK CALM TO YOU?! -sigh- In all honesty Ill take a break from Maple and watch kitten videos...I can link you to my favorite live stream if you would like.
  • Being Able to see the Trio Event after Teleporting

    AKradian wrote: »
    PirateIzzy wrote: »
    A better way I'd prefer is if you'd get the rewards automatically, provided you have space, or let us open it in DIPQ.

    Getting the rewards automatically would defeat the entire purpose of keeping you alert, watching and clicking, instead of grinding mindlessly.

    I think the best solution would be to have DIPQ (and Evo Lab as well) not hide the notification icons. They should behave like, say, Commerci Voyages, which keep all the notifiers but disable specific quests that could teleport you out of the map.

    I prefer this solution. I sometimes forget to open it up before I start DIPQ...and then I regret it afterwards.
  • Resistance Thief Class

    Extremely Rough List of Possible Puppeteer skill stuff
    Values are completely worthless so I am not gonna put them at this time. Pictures will come if I can find them. I also had to make edits because I wrote this ages ago and things have changed in the game (mainly how you get SP in 4th job, the addition of 5th job, etc.)
    NOTE: Not all SP will be filled up because this mainly covers attacks and basic buffs/summons. All SP values can be changed if Nexon actually implemented this.

    First Job

    String Pull/Pulling Strings
    Grab X monsters and pull them towards you. Max Level: 20 (Damage is pending because I don't know what would be balanced)

    Control Lash
    Attack X monsters and throw them back. (Meant to be a basic combo of skills) Max Level: 10 or 20 (Damage pending)

    Puppet Push/Wire Jump
    Basically a Double/Triple Jump. Max Level: 5 or 10

    Second Job

    Basic Marionette
    Summon your equipped puppet to fight by your side. Various marionettes have different benefits (kinda like Wild Hunter and jaguars, the Puppets will be similar to your average summon unless you use a Puppet required skill that requires the summon active) Max Level: 1

    Loose Strings
    Increase your Attack Speed by one phase for X amount of time. Max Level 10

    Puppet Swipe
    Grab your Puppet to attack X monsters. Applies a Debuff if you have certain marionettes equipped. Max Level: 20

    All Tied Up
    Key Down Skill. Whip your strings around like a tornado to attack enemies. Max Level: 20

    Mastery and Critical rate increasing passive. Max Level: 10

    Sleight of Hand
    Increases Avoidability passively. Max Level: 5?

    Third Job

    Marionette Mastery
    Increases damage/buffs from your Marionettes. Max Level: 15

    Marionetti Mini
    Summon a pretty puppet to attack enemies. (Average place down summon) Max Level: 10

    Pounding of Puppets
    Use your marionette to Attack enemies. May cause stun briefly. Debuff may be applied with certain marionettes. Max Level: 20

    Grants a chance to apply a DoT on an enemy when using a Puppet skill. Max Level: 10

    Puppet Rush
    Use your Marionette to tackle down your enemies. (Can be used in combination with 4th job skill Puppet Pummeling) Max Level: 20

    Fourth Job

    Puppet Pummeling
    Use your Puppets to pummel your enemies (I imagine this being a good mobbing skill) Max Level: 30

    Control Freak
    Increases Mastery and Attack. Max Level: 30

    In a Knot
    Use your strings to bind your enemies down. Max Level: 20

    ...and I lost the rest of the 4th job skills. Moving on to Hypers then.

    Hyper Skills

    Friendly Francis
    Summon dolls that look like Francis to distract enemies and strengthen yourself.

    Puppet Show
    Use all of your marionettes in a group attack. Will apply Debuffs from special marionettes.

    Fifth Job (These are completely new stuff I just came up with...don't judge if they are terrible)

    Colossal Marionette
    Summon a fully powered Puppet to wreak havoc on your enemies. (It's a free moving summon)

    Puppet Pow-pow
    Use your summoned Puppet and strings to attack in a powerful circle. (Key-down Skill)