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  • Non-Reboot & Reboot problems coexisting in Forums?

    Reboot has a different dynamic than Non-Reboot, but we are still playing almost the same game. I wish we would get perm pets in Reboot, Reg servers get them, but that may go against the model of "Non P2W" that Reboot is touted for, for example.
  • Moonbridge Dailies

    EXdest wrote: »
    idk im not devs.

    Well I tried a lot of stuff to try and get the third stage kill. I used Buff potions, Apples, whatever buffs people would give in the map...my Luminous could handle the first two waves but the third is a stump it would seem. It just feels like I'm being teased with it.
  • Recruit a Friend...WHY

    So the new recruit a friend campaign...I am pretty sure that...it's gonna be way too hard to get 50 people into MS1...Like...lower the bar a LITTLE Nexon. Sorry but I have been having a stress attack trying to figure out how to do this and so have a couple of my friends...50 is too many. 30 would probably be too many...and for 10k maple points...sorry but I really needed to rant a little because I am one of those shy, introverts with few friends. God, the only way to do this event is through dummy accounts realistically...yeah, Ill get off my soap box but I am having such a really angry time with this new event.

    TLDR: Lower the friend requirement Nexon, remember the last "community" event you tried? 300b mob kills? Yeah, how'd that turn out...
  • [Suggestion] Apply Kishin Patch from TMS/JMS

    Equalizing Kishin won't stop botters. The stacking kishin might increase party play to having...4 Kannas, a bishop and whoever is actually training. Overall I really don't think this would help the game's health, heck it could increase botters as they make more kishin mules to get the best use out of it. If you want to take out botters, you gotta go after the source: either the bugs in teh code or the people who make the hacks.
  • Wondroid ideas for less player stress

    Cyaback wrote: »
    Gentlemen this must be more balanced for the average of more quantity and with possibilities for the least skilled not only for one of 30 players.

    Wow, and fyi, I am a lady :P but that is very articulated.