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  • A Bard Class??? But....no...

    scholar624 wrote: »
    I did a little creative writing for a Nova bard character and class design and backstory just for fun.
    Not holding my breath it will ever see the light of day, but was still fun letting imagination run wild a bit.

    Heh, we should work together, with my concept art and your story, no way we can lose...right?
  • So what's the most used maplestory site now?

    The official Discord is fairly popular, and I'm not really in all of the popular ones myself, although I know there is a Bera specific Discord, Maple Central, and various trade related servers for their respective worlds. There are also guild based discords...although you'd have to ask your guild there.
    As far as getting approved on the Official...you've asked specifically the VFMs right? Nexon people are generally busy and won't always answer DMs. Some of the VFMs will hopefully see this thread and maybe get you in.
  • Why is the Dark Lord of Darkness event so short???

    CrystalOra wrote: »

    The totems on the notes don't say untradable? If they changed this one aspect of the event that would make having it for a week just fine. If they are now tradable, I would even do it on characters that already have all their totems just to trade them to the ones that need them. That would be a complete game changer for this event!!! I hope that is the case, but it is probably just and oversight in the notes =[.

    Meanwhile in Reboot, "What is tradeable?"

    Unfortunately we are gonna get the short end of the stick if this is true, but I would honestly expect it to be an oversight :T They've never made the totems tradeable to my knowledge.
  • World transfer between reboot worlds

    First issue I can see with this: Names.
    Names between NA and EU are not shared. So "Nameboy1" will exist in both NA and EU servers, and if "Nameboy1" from EU wanted to transfer to NA...well what about the other "Nameboy1" that already exists in the NA server? While there is the possibility that one of the Nameboys is inactive, there is also a possibility that they are both active players, so who gets the name?
  • Tanky / self healing class for bossing

    Self healing and tanky: Demon Avenger, but once you hit end game (VHilla, even Will) you gonna get to enjoy the life of heal locks :T DA has the biggest HP pool due to HP being its main stat, also easier to fund, but not great in the mobbing department.

    I definitely don't consider Mihile to be tanky in the sense of a warrior, but I also can't land those shield block things :T

    I think your best bet of your choices is Aran, I know it self heals and is reasonably strong. I'm not a fan of how its mobbing skills works but that's just me.
    Kaiser's self heal definitely wasn't enough to keep me from chugging potions in the higher levels.