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  • Changing the royal style system..

    This is what happens when you fire the CM who is the only person who has a brain AND plays the game.
  • How did MapleStory Win MMOsite's 2016 award

    I thought people were being sarcastic at first that it's rigged, but it seems some people actually believe it. And on the other hand people like Aggraphine actually believe the awards mean anything lmao.

    The format of the contest was done by votes. A LoL player would vote his/her game in any category. Just like Maplestory fans would vote their fav game in any category their game was nominated. It's literally a popularity contest that can be voted by anyone from anywhere. Thus it has no meaning.

    The only winner here is the clickbait site that now has a lot of ad revenue. Just look at the nominations and you'll realize how serious it is. No Man's Sky a MMO? Strife can be nominated as best MOBA? Even though S2 shut it down like a year ago because it was a fail LoL-rip off which then they sold HoN to Garena.
  • Male Royal Hairstyles: Are you for real?

    Male hair rotations are always worse than females.
  • Is it possible to KS an elite?

    You can't KS elite bosses anymore. When someone cries about that, it means that you came and killed it before his/her friends came. Which is their fault since the guy should've told them 'dark map x/4' beforehand and there is like 10 seconds before the Elite boss can be damaged.

    Doesn't really matter, all you might get is a defame.
  • Closing old forums 1/31/2017

    Define closing down. They should just archive the old board.

    Also lol what is up with this forum and terrible analogies. Stop making such a big deal of the history of this forum. There are better old guides on BasilMarket not to mention most of them are outdated now, Southperry has more information because they do extractions. All the theory-crafting and data testing comes from the reddit community.

    NA Nexon is not a developer, they are a publisher. Compiling a list of suggestions isn't going to mean anything. The NA staff doesn't care, or maybe they forward it to Korea only to get a no. Shout out to Nexon NA who took credit for all the QoL and optimization in the new 5th job update on their dev blog. Not like the suggestions on this forum were unique and amazing. Most of the suggestions that have been posted here have been suggested 100s of times in various other forums.