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  • Key to the Future

    Nice to see you dedicate your day to what's really important: creating hype for the next patch, which we've known about for nearly six months.

    Way more fun and exciting than trying to wade through the forums and the subreddit to find all the things wrong with the current patch, make sure the team is working on fixing them, and letting us know that Nexon is aware of those issues and they'll be fixed shortly.

    Here, let me help you:

    1. Many people still unable to log in, either because the client crashes before they can, or because of "having trouble logging in."

    2. Luna's "Empress Road: Knights Chamber" map is bugged, so that the client crashes when it tries to load it. This means any character entering this map (for example, after being teleported to Neinheart for a quest) becomes unusable. Any attempt to log it in results in a crash. Customer Support is apparently unable to warp characters out of there, either.

    3. "Crimson Sky Dock" map, in all worlds, is bugged and causes disconnects. If one somehow gets through it, one disconnects inside the Dragon Rider PQ.

    4. Jewelcrafting event NPC is hiding in Event Hall, which is too laggy for many of us to enter or be able to do anything in.

    5. Haunted Mansion event is still bugged for many.

    6. Timezone issue. You ran a poll, that's nice. Its results are very clear. Will they be implemented?

    7. Star Force enhancing is costing twice what it should. If not enough meso is available, it always fails, but doesn't reduce stars. People are also reporting increased failure rates of scrolls and increased costs of cubing (revealing) and lower rank-up rates. This issue is not entirely clear and needs researching.

    8. Skills that reflect damage (like Rage, Foxfire, and Vengeance), together with "% chance to ignore damage" potential lines, trigger "disconnect for the HACK reason".

    I think that will do for now.

    fking real talk.

    A shame that the CM doesn't have any authority or skills to fix bugs.
  • How far into the SS ring are you guys in?

    I've done Dark totem every day since it began. 3 darks, and none for my class. I'm not even going to try this event. I'd rather just drop $50 in Marvel for chance of an LGR.