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IGN: Recalci, Server: Windia. Lvl 226 AB. Follow my art IG @ scandeer. c:
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    xPicture wrote: »
    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): NX item
    Item name (English/Korean): Round Glasses
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link): http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/42940/cash-shop-update-for-february-6


    It was released recently, but it doesn't seem like there was a lot of people who noticed it/obtained the actual item. I'm pretty sure if it were to be rereleased, it would be in demand.

    I think it's not that people didn't notice it, but rather it was only available for 2 weeks through the Valentines Style Boxes, and the rest of the items available in that box (mostly unpopular and also repeats of previous years) made it just not worth the gamble. I agree though, they should definitely bring it back and in the regular Premium Surprise Style Boxes.
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): Hair
    Item name (English/Korean): Samurai Ponytail
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link):
    January 24 to February 6 (2019)
    ** I would like this hair available for female characters, and prefer it over the female "Side Ponytail" hair. **

    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): Face
    Item name (English/Korean): Super Brave Face
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link): n/a

    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): NX Item (Hat)
    Item name (English/Korean): Idol Ribbon Snapback
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link): n/a

    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): NX Item (Overall)
    Item name (English/Korean): Starlight Girl Outfit
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link):
    July 27 to August 16 (2016)

    Image of Items:

    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): NX Item (Hat)
    Item name (English/Korean): Commander Lucid Mask
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link):
    October 15 - October 31 (2014) from "Take This Commander" event; was available with 1-day duration
    Image of Item:
    ** Even though the appearance of Lucid is outdated, I still find it to be a very nice hat and would love for it to be available as a permanent item in some way, such as in the form of a Hair. **
  • Implement winning Fox Fire set from contest


    Last year in 2018, Global MapleStory got to see the implementation of several outfit designs submitted by users to the 2017 Design Story contest which was hosted here on the forums. To recap, here are the entries that have found their way into the Maple world:
    ShiyumiSama's Stray Cat set
    Stéphy's Black Flower Ribbon
    my Erda set
    MoreRpigh's reaper set
    Ohmysweetie's Little Star Cocoon set

    Out of the 5 designs that were added to the game, 2 were in the Top 3 (ShiyumiSama and me) and 1 was in the Top 10 (Ohmysweetie). To people who took a look at the contest entries and/or took part in the community voting, a common question is, why hasn't TsuusT's Fox Fire set been implemented into the game despite her design winning second place?

    Let's take a look at her intricate outfit design:
    (The original post can be found here.)

    While the votes were slightly different at the end of the voting period, currently the Fox Fire set has the most reactions at 101, with ShiyumiSama's at 98, and mine at 97. I remember when the time turned to 12am on Oct. 2, the votes were 94, 93, and 94 respectively. Therefore it's pretty evident that while ShiyumiSama placed first, TsuusT placed second, and I placed third, our votes were very tight-knit, and no entry was a clear winner. The community seemed to love all three of our entries equally, so it seems odd that the Fox Fire set would be left from getting created.

    Some might argue that TsuusT's Fox Fire design was not original enough considering there are already other fox/kitsune items in the game. However, there are plenty more of cat, bunny, and bear items which have been added to the game over the years, some looking not all that unique. While fox/kitsune are not quite as popular, they still hold a ground of their own, and TsuusT's design would make a very intricate and refreshing addition. The items in her set contrast from those in the small list of existing fox-themed items, and also pair well with other clothing, making them a great set to mix and match. It is easy to tell from the amount of detail in TsuusT's entry that a lot of effort was put into the design.

    And honestly, I feel that TsuusT deserved to have her design implemented into the game more than mine. Not only did she place in second while I placed in third, but also she clearly spent more time and care in creating her entry than I did. As a fellow artist and friend, it just makes me upset to see that such a great design hasn't been added to the game.

    In summary, I and many other users feel that TsuusT's Fox Fire set deserves to be implemented into the game. We would like for our sentiments to be heard and forwarded, in hopes that the developers will consider making the design.

    If you are one of the users who would like to see the Fox Fire set in the game, please react to this topic and/or vote yes in the poll below. It would mean a lot if you could share this forum topic with other people you know who wanted the Fox Fire set to be implemented, thank you.
  • Arwoo's Ride Stops Here - Farewell MS Community

    Honestly, I'm really going to miss having you as our community manager.

    My first impression of you might not have been great, but over time you really changed my mind, especially during the past year. I appreciate your help in bringing back the Erda set due to the bugs it had on release, and also helping to make obtainability rates public for things such as Marvel Machine, Gachapon, and Surprise Style Boxes. I occasionally pestered you with requests or concerns, but though most things were not in your control, you were always considerate and sympathetic and tried to help with what you could.

    While I'm on MapleStory mainly for the cosmetics, I found it really cool to have a fellow Angelic Buster as our community manager, and I learned a bit more about how to play AB from watching some of your streams.

    Thank you for being our community manager for the past two years. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
  • Empress Cygnus Fan Art Contest

    IGN: Recalci
    World: Windia