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  • Singaopre and Malyasia revamp

    Maybe we will get it, it seens a good trainning spot too, i wonder if we got this new version we would get the badge....

    And also would Korea even get these map? Would be so cool for em.
  • Lotus guide

    Lotus was one of the Black Mage commanders, a simple boss on it's own, but he have other things that make the fight difficult, he originally was a spirit or Darkness alongside Orchid, they wanted a body so Black Mage gave em one, he served him until his sealment, eventually he was brought back by Gelimer in Black Heaven.

    Lotus was firstly introduced in Black Heaven, there it's a huge blockbuster(it can take 4hours to finish it) and it's necessary for you finish all acts in order to be able to fight him, since his introduction he had 2 difficulties, Normal and Hard mode(which is A LOT HARDER than Normal), both having 300%defense, so you need at least 89% ignore defense.

    -You can solo Normal Lotus with around 3m rang clean and some nodes(+all 3 skills) and Hard maybe 40m rang clean or close to that.
    Note: Reboot can add maybe 50% more rang into this minimum.


    Lotus can drop soul pieces and coins only obtainable from him, these coins can be traded to get lv160 absolab equipment, you can get all equips aside from hat and shoulder, where you can get from the other boss Damien, here's a list of the itens you can get from him, Hard mode can drop these itens in the shop(usually you get weapons).

    This NPC will own the shop and sell the equips.


    The coins dropped by Lotus are one of the two necessary to buy absolab equipment in this shop, you will need the coins from the dailies in Haven as well, you need 20 from the dailies and 2 from Lotus so you can get 2 coins from the shop and trade for the equipment or twice that for the weapons.

    You can trade the coins with this NPC


    Lotus have 3 phases, the first one is almost like a turrent and doesn't move while the second and third are very similar to each other, with the 3º being a more difficult version of the 2º.


    The main problem/mechanic of this boss is the debris that fall of the sky, these debris will stun anyone who get hits by then and take some %health of their hp, dodging em is fundalmental, specially the bigger ones, they can be HELL if they hit you in a tense situation.


    A big problem is potentially get chain stunned by the debris and Lotus's attacks, so it's better to not rely on luck too much.

    These debris can be very problematic in Hard mode, because of the stupid amount of time stunned and the higher %hp damage you can easily die if you don't watch your HP, even in Normal i recommend dodging the biggest one without a doubt, for Hard try to always dodge the bigger two since even the third debris can be problematic if other stuff hits you.

    Note: The bigger debris always have a time before they are summoned and dropped into the floor, so you can prepare where to go to avoid them even before they spawn.

    Familairs are NECESSARY in this boss, they can save you many times, the debris are a more constant damage without too much damage so familiars can heal you from that and make you more focused on damaging Lotus .and dodging the worst attacks from him.


    Other thing is the Hero will alike skills, these can really help gainst the debris's stun, as long you use BEFORE it hits you, you will be able to move freely and not die by getting chain stunned or stunned+hit kill/high %hp damage.


    @@@Now let's go to Phase 1 :

    In phase 1 Lotus is imprisoned in the center of Black Heaven, there he will be giving power to everything, what will attack here is the machine that contain him, this machine will be using a Cross Laser that will be spinning in order to hit everyone in the map, so you MUST MOVE ALL THE TIME or rely on some iframe or teleport that can avoid it, since this laser will hit kill anyone who touchs it.

    Note: the Laser will slowly speed up as time passes, so try to be fast to kill it.


    NOTE: JUST BE READ WHEN YOU ENTER THE STAGE/PHASE SO THE LASER DOESN'T HIT KILL UPON ENTRY(use some invencibility skill or try to move away from the middle/spawn point since it's where it usually appears, but not too far).

    In this map/phase you have one help, you can use portals in the top of the map to teleport in the oposite direction, you can teleport from:

    Top Right>Bottom left

    Top Left>Bottom right

    Note: Sometimes the portals can lag a lot because of the server's response+some of your delay.

    In this image i teleported from Top right to Bottom left safely, since the laser was spinning clockwise


    However in this image i actually died when teleporting from Top left to Bottom right when the laser was spinning anti-clockwise, because the laser gliched a little.


    NOTE2: SOMETIMES THE LASER CAN GLICH OUT AND SUDDENLY CHANGE POSITIONS, so try not be too close, or just hope to gods that it won't glich too often, the servers's lag can heavily influence this behavior and **** people's live before they even get to second phase.

    In Phase 1 the debris that will be appearing are the first 3, the third and bigger debris is a bit rarer thought, usually it's the second that hit you, just watch out for these whenever you are going up the stairs/platforms(to use the portals), since they can stun you and make you get hit by the laser or stun you and make you fall into the laser.


    The other big problem with the lasers are his robots that get summoned, he will summon one of each and each have it's own unique abnormal status, overall they aren't really strong, but can be annoying and cost your life, specially the green one.


    You can dodge the robots by walking a bit after they get close to you, they will explode themselves and you won't even take any damage or abnormal status(as long you are far enough), you can also KILL em, they aren't really strong, specially for Hard mode, but Normal mode can have a big trouble at times.


    Just try to not forget about their existence, they can end up stacking up.

    Note: If you die they will all disappear once you re-spawn.


    @@@Now let's go to Phase 2:


    In phase 2 Lotus will be walking/floating near the ground, he will only use ONE attack, and that's his push, this attack can take 20% of your HP upon hit, in Hard mode it does 10% more, 30%hp, remember that normal %power stance won't work, but only the super stance from Warriors and skills like RUSH that can tank the push.


    You can always dodge the attack by getting far away from it(like a Marksman) or going to Lotus's back like in Gollux Head.


    In this phase Lotus will use all his 4 debris, and unlike in phase 1, he will actually use a lot more frequently the 3º debris, the 4th debris won't be that frequent in this phase, the 2nd will also be quite frequent.


    Lotus will sometimes summon a blue ball, you will be able to see the animation and the sound whenever he does, this ball will kick in the walls, roof and floor of the map and increase it's size whenever this happen, however the %hp dmg won't change, it does the same %hp the push does 20%hp and 30% in Hard mode.


    Sometimes there can be 2 balls in the field, thought that is not too common.


    The BIGGEST problem of Phase 2(and eventually 3) is the LASERS from the floor, everytime he prepare to use the lasers he will drop platforms on the ground, it can vary to one to maybe 7 platforms at time, everytime they will make the same sound when they hit the ground.


    These platforms will hit the ground and soon after the lasers will hit the ENTIRE FLOOR, so no way to actually escape it without any air mobility(classes like: Mercedes, Corsair, Cannoer, Blaster, Xenon, Demons Slayer/Avenger, Pathfinder) or tank the laser damage.

    Note: Remember Lotus will still try to hit you with his main attack and pushing you away from the platforms, that way you can get get throw directly into the laser and die.


    The lasers will take 70% of your Health in the Normal mode, however Hard mode will ALWAYS hit kill unless you can absorve %hp attacks, for Normal mode people remember you can take a hit and heal immediately after to take another hit, so you can try to abuse that and survive many lasers that might not even have platforms for specific reasons.


    One of the reasons can simply be that someone or you ended up being in the way of the platform when it was falling, so it got destroyed, whenever that happens you will be stunned and lose 30%hp(40%for hard i imagine) and mostly important the platform is destroyed and you lose a potential safe spot to avoid the laser, so be carefull and try to avoid it's way at all costs or if you do, try to not destroy more than one/two.

    Note: You can avoid his lasers if you bind right as the platforms fall into the ground(usually when they are falling), but if you fail to do the right timing you can make him laser after the bind and there will be no platforms to stay on.


    Other ability that Lotus have, but that isn't very problematic is the one that launches players into the air if they are in one of 3 areas where the machine appears, hardly really problematic, just be carefull whenever you get thrown by it to avoid debris on the way, specially the bigger ones.


    One ability that he have, but barely uses it is his teleport, he will always teleport to where a player is(i think the most agressive), so it's not random.


    @@@Now let's see Phase 3:


    Lotus in phase 3 will continue to do a skill that push players, but now it does 10%more damage than before(in phase 2), 30% in Normal and 40% in Hard, it also have a little more reach/range so be carefull with that.


    Same as phase 2 he will summon a ball, but this time it's orange and it does more damage, same damage as his push it does 30% in Normal and 40% in Hard, one important detail is how this ball can grow bigger than the blue one, so try to avoid it.


    Phase 3 have the exact same mechanics for the Lasers as phase 2, so just use the same knowledge, just note that in Normal mode the laser will do more damage: 85% hp (Hard continues to do hit kill on touch).


    NOW in this phase Lotus will be able to summon a new DEBRIS, the pulverizer, this one will hit kill anyone who touchs it and get hit by it in Normal or Hard, it's also BIG, bigger than all other debris combined

    NOTE3: REMEMBER, Lotus will use more debris than the other phases and also will summons more bigger debris than phase 2, so watch out to dodge the 4th debris and the 3rd more often.


    One thing you can do is prepare yourself whenever he prepares to summon it, it takes 3 seconds for it appear in the map unlike the other debris that take less time, so be sure to not be on it's way when it drops.


    Lotus can also continue to throw people in the air, but this time it's a higher distance, so much that you can be hit directly into the debris that are summonning or just summoned, so try to always flash jump away from debris in case you got throwed into the air.


    One thing Lotus can do is pull people towards him, that's yet another way that he can potentiall kill you with debris or even the pulverizer, remember that if you get close he can push you away and end up hitting you right into a lot of debris or a pulverizer giving you a unexpected and somewhat avoidable death.


    Lotus second biggest problem after the lasers in this phase is his Purple Ball attack, he will teleport himself away and throw balls into the map from far away.


    He will throw em and you will be able to see where they will hit before they hit the ground, just be carefull when he goes to use the attack, his first ball will ALWAYS be faster for our eyes(potentially killing you without any chance to dodge), maybe using invencibility habilitys right when he goes to use this attack isn't a bad idea.


    His least dangerous ability(after the teleport) is his slow+weakness, he will cast a posion in a area that slow and weak players that pass throught it, it's not problematic, but you can't JUMP because of the weakness given by the poison, so you can potentially die by being too slow to get out and flash jump out of danger, unless you use teleport or some rush/movement skill.


    Remember he can stil teleport to players.

    Note: In hard mode he will spam it in the last 20% of his health.


    In case you waaan check out the guide i made about the other boss who you can get Absolab equipment, Damien:
  • Damien guide

    Damien is one of Black Mage's commanders, and a different boss than others because of his few attacks and constantly teleport making him a lot more invulnerable, he's a lot more powerfull than at the start of his story because he stole the power of the Transcendent of Life Alicia.

    To be able to fight him you will need to complete the act 4 of Heroes of Maple, just the act 4, might take 30minutes or even less time.


    Damien have two difficulties, one for Normal and other for Hard, but their only difference is their health, both will be able to drop soul shards of his and coins that can be used to get absolab equipments, hard mode can drop the equipment themselves that are obtainable in his shop.

    -In order to solo him, you might need around 3m rang clean in normal servers and 5/6m in Reboot to clear Normal mode.
    Hard probably 10times more, 30m rang clean and maybe 50m for Reboot, thought that's a bit harder to tell.


    His shop require a special coin that can be only craftable with coins from Damien and coins from the Dailies in World Tree(the map/place where Damien is), you can do 3 quests+one that give other 2 drops from completing all 3.

    Note: You need 20 coins from dailies and 1 from Damien to craft one shop coin.

    The main problem for the players is his teleport, he constantly teleport to do attacks or go after the most agressive player, binds are NECESSARY for this boss since he hardly stays in one place for more than 5seconds(aside from using one or two attacks) and teleporting+attack can take multiple seconds to make him go back in the field.

    @@@Damien itself has one main mechanic in the boss that you will have to constantly watch for, the mark inflinged on players.

    This mark will be given whenever you take one attack that doesn't hit kill you from Damien or after 30/18seconds have passed in Phase1/Phase 2 for the most agressive player in the map.

    You can clear the marks with this Altar that will spawn every 20seconds in a random place of the map.

    You can use this altar by HOLDING the NPC CHAT/HARVEST buttom in your keyboard, remember that all you can do is walk a bit off the center and crouch, skills and jump will cancel the cleanse and can potentially waste the chance to use the Altar(since it can disappear).

    Note: Attacks from Damien/Swords will also stop you from cleansing yourself.


    Note: i sugest only using the altar only if you have 4marks or more so you don't use too much time on it.

    If you end up getting 7 marks you die and summon a sword, even if you use a iframe you will still die and summon a sword after the iframe ends.


    This sword is the exact same as the one Damien summons in the first phase, but smaller, it will fly around the map and try to hit players on the way, every time it hits someone it takes 15% of their hp.

    Note1: The sword knocks you a bit so any class who doesn't have 100% natural stance mihaile link skill is a real helper here.


    After some time the sword(s) will try to aim at a player and fix themselves on the ground, trying damage periodically anyone close to it.


    If you get hit by the sword when it's attacking it will take 90% of your health, one thing you can have in mind is you can pass throught it if you either go fast enough when it's not attacking or just take the hit and heal right after it.

    The swords themselves aren't the big deal, but can be if you die with 7marks or someone/server lags summoning extra swords thinking you are hacking, that will make a hell depending on the situation.


    The more swords, the harder it will be to do anything else and it basically snowballs out of control, remember these swords will also try to go in the ground potentially convering the entery map making nearly no safe spot for you stay, with Damien's attack you can die a lot easier.


    @@@One other skill that will continue to stay in both phases is the hands, those will appear as balls in the map, after maybe 10seconds they will go straight in the ground trying to bind a player.

    You can however, escape from it, but you need to hit a set of random key directions to be free, if you fail you will stay binded for other 10seconds, can be quite problematic.

    Note: try not to heavy press your keys if you know you will get binded, so that you don't register a command you didn't want to and fail without a chance.


    Now let's go to phase 1 attacks


    @@@Remember he will spawn right at the start a big sword that will forever roam and re-spawn in phase 1.

    @@@One of two annyoing attacks that he have in Phase 1 is his rush, he will prepare and attack a certain direction moving himself as well(sometimes he can go the oposiste way the boss is lagging).


    The real problem is that even after he uses the rush you can still get damage from it and then a mark, so everytime he rushs everyone need to wait 1-2seconds so you can move and get closer to him, else you will get pushed and lose 11% of your health alongside a added mark.


    @@@His other attack is the hit kill one(only one that hit kill in phase 1), he will charge for 3 seconds and the attack will hit the ground, kill all in the area, this attack can cover a large portion of the map at times having just corners or some space in the middle as a safe spot.


    After that, he only have 2 other attacks that are easy to avoid:
    @@@The balls he will summon from the sky, those do 90% damage if you touch, but it's only one area of the map that they will appear and they won't mark the player if hit.

    Note: Thieves can use Dark sight to ignore em, like debris in Lotus or Magnus's balls.


    @@@And his dive attack that will usually aim close to where he was in the sky(sometimes he can go the oposite direction in case he's lagging...), this attack takes 8% of your hp and can mark if you end up getting hit.


    Now let's go to Phase 2 attacks


    Phase 2 is much more deadly and hard to hit, he will constantly teleport randomly in the map, sometimes he will stay out of the map for some seconds before going back to just teleport again for one attack or go other part of the map, bind is even MORE important.

    Note: There's also how he will mark a player every 18seconds instead of 30 in the first phase.


    In phase 2 there's also another thing to lower player's damage, and it is blue balls that will be summoned as soon the fight start, these balls will make you do just 10% of your normal damage if you stay inside it's radius(similar to Magnus blue area, but the oposite), it will start with one and it will grow the more health you take from Damien, once he's close to dying he will summon more of the same size giving a big area where you can get nerfed; they also reduce your healing of potions by 90%, so try to stay away from them when you heal.


    @@@The worst attack you have to constantly deal with is his normal rush, he will keep using it and travel large distances on the map aside that he can hit players(takes 9%hp) to knock em and mark em at the same time, making easier to get a mark than any other attack.


    You can however dodge it by crouching, you can see the image bellow i was crouching and doged his rush and managed to not get a 7th mark and die.


    @@@In this phase he will also use another rush, more similar to the first phase, but this one will hit kill if you take a hit, in this case he will rush and make 3 slashes into space, after 2 seconds they will cut anything and hit koing any player in the area of impact, luckly it's easy to dodge by staying in between.

    Note: Try not to go into the slashes right after they cut/happen since they might still hit and kill you


    @@@Other attack that you should have attention is his fire spin, where he throw balls in both directions of the map trying to hit the player.


    If you get hit by one of em you lose 60% hp and get a mark, so you will need to quick recover HP if you get hit by it.


    But, you can stay safe if you are right in the middle of it, that way you dodge the balls in both sides and can still attack Damien


    @@@ There's one skill that he will only use after some time have passed in Phase 2, he will trap everyone in the map and also push everyone away from where he is, you can see in the imaage bellow that i got pushed away and went right into a yellow ball from his spin and died, so it's a bit of luck that you won't get pushed right into danger.


    When he traps you, you have to fight to free yoursef and DAMAGE HIM, so that he won't hit kill everyone who was trapped, damaging him will make him tired and basically give a ''free'' bind to attack him.

    Note: To free yourself faster you can press both right and left keys at the same time so it goes faster and make it easier to damage him.


    Damien have 2 attacks that are really similar to the ones in Phase:
    @@@ His Dive attack, now it can hit kill players, but it goes much further compared to phase 1, sometimes you might die by it if you didn't see him preparing to use this attack.


    @@@ And the balls that are really similar, they just change shape and quantity, but their small size makes easier to dodge too.


    One thing you can do overall is attack him in the air whenever he's doing something or using a skill:


    Familiars and transparecy aren't really required, but you can use em.


    If you wanna check the guide of the other boss who you can get Absolab equips, Lotus:
  • Resistance Thief Class

    I think they can do a thief Resistence, but it certanly won't be a pupeter, thiefs are swifts and with a suprising attack that you wouldn't expect, a Puppeter is actually the oposite, very slow and hardly moves since he uses others to help him in battle, similar to Bear mode in Beast Tammer, but better.

    A puppeter would be better as a magican, maybe a style of outside of any group(like Jett, Bt and Zero), or in the Nova branch, since they are so unique seens more possible there, you havily uses Francis model who should be a magican.

    Resistences use mechanical equipments to help em in battle, things that aren't dependent on spirit, magic or similar(like the explorer magican), it's cientific and something anyone could use.
  • Revamp Cash Shop Interface

    Personaly i prefer GMS one, since i'm used to it, but i don't mind if they change it.