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  • Use 3rd job bird skill and Dark Metamorphysis 4job, they both give invencibility.
  • The skill was fixed in KOREA MAPLE STORY, is there any chance this glich could be fixed for GLOBAL earlier? Else we will have to wait out 6 months, that is a long time for this important glich.
  • My effect wasn't working, but i still got the burning levels when leveling.
  • The real problem is if they merge all pay2win servers they will not have better servers to randle all people in one server, they will continue to use the one that holded maybe half of the population of pay2win servers, that way everyone will lag mor…
  • F/P really need some help like most explorers 1~~4job.
  • Battlesand wrote: » LF priest to grind in himes As a priest in old maple i would always find a party, dark knights were better cause HB.
  • I uptated this guide with the drops of the boss, usually people know what he drops before knowing his mechanics+ rewrote everything for better view.
  • You need to go in some other place in the Forums to get more help, Game Guides are to help guide players not ask for guidance like that, go to Maplestory discussions. Reminder that if you are playing Reboot server it's a different kinda of guide …
  • fidgetspinnerACE wrote: » Sadly I do not see this content returning back to the game as much I would love to see it return. They seem to be on the fence on what prizes to hand out and updating the party quest story to match that of the Masteria…
  • Petalmagic wrote: » My other suggestion was if they ever reworked CWKPQ to put in Gollux Rings/Earrings, but yeah. Gib Restock plz Q_Q They should just make it drop, in the bonus stage, some uptated things, nodestones, flames, cubes and maybe e…
  • I would certanly like the higher cap, any class who isn't Night Lord or Phantom-like with many lines in every skill suffers greatly in endgame, which also impacts other players that are weaker, since you won't see pros playing the slower and less li…
    in damage cap. Comment by Ivangold May 2019
  • Part of the problem is the content we have eliminated the old one, in KMS people still gather around Arkarium Pendant, VL's ring and maybe papulatus acessory, it's just useless here for the most part, so either they make changes to the bosses or not…
  • Latemaster wrote: » Also there's tenebris area (moonbridge, LoS and limina) which doesn't give symbols at all but after 250 it's quite much the only reasonable area to grind. That area should drop selectors too and why not make those selectors tra…
  • YO WTF so many stuff, i have to check this out later
  • Maybe we will get it, it seens a good trainning spot too, i wonder if we got this new version we would get the badge.... And also would Korea even get these map? Would be so cool for em.
  • riza wrote: » It's getting kind of old to see so many people with this "Old maple was better it sucks now" mentality. I feel we need a champion or someone to come in and fix that. I feel that the real tiger can possibly be that one old mapler …
  • uptated with some extra details
  • Just reminder that you can solo normal one with less rang 5m in normal servers.
  • Rexaar wrote: » Fun fact (Not so fun fact for the victim): You can donate all the brands that you currently have to another party member by holding npc chat while on top of them. But it adds the marks to the other person, so it can kill the oth…
  • Everyone will get rewards for the Black Mage's death, don't worry, and they are good @2600.