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  • Hilla guide demon slayer

    Use 3rd job bird skill and Dark Metamorphysis 4job, they both give invencibility.
  • Mega character burninator disappearing again

    My effect wasn't working, but i still got the burning levels when leveling.
  • wow you guys literally killed the game

    Battlesand wrote: »
    LF priest to grind in himes

    As a priest in old maple i would always find a party, dark knights were better cause HB.
  • Fury Totem required changes

    The item shouldn't make -50%spawn speed, the Frenzy Totem main's point is the faster respawn, it's almost useless since you need wait longer.

    Also it's way too expensive for just 2 hours, if it's to cost 2000rp and lasts 2hours make it just like the Frenzy Totem we have with 100% more mobs and 2sec(or whatever it is) respawn, else it needs to be maybe 200 rp, and honestly 2hours for 15 max quanitys is max 30hours of frenzy, for a month it's nothing if anyone is serious about leveling.

    Anyone at lv250+ or even at 240 need more than even 20hours to get level(s), specially lv250+ they will have to rely on Kishin, and people leveling mules won't really benefit with such a weak Frenzy if Kishin is easier to cast in low level maps(doesn't need be lv225+ and pre-quests to enter a map unlike in Arcane River), besides you just can't buy the second slot pendant+some cubes expecting to have much frenzy for a month even if you farm 30k reward points/month which won't always happen too(not everyone got energy/time to do it every time, myself personally i'm just lazy to get rp, whoever i would probably farm more if it was a worthy Frenzy).

    The new Frenzy Totem for me should be way easier to obtain and have a lot more than just 30hours max in a month, it should work more like a teleport rock where you can have for a full day, 2hours isn't much trainning, yes i know a lot of whales are lazier today than before and most of the staff of Nexond hardly trains for more than 2 hours straight, but people play for more than 2 hrs and anyone whiling to train hard for a day like with 1day x2 cupoms from the Reward Shop can't really do that with how low the Frenzy lasts; the Frenzy need have maybe 80hours/month or more, if you can have a full day it would still need to be less than 2k RP since a 1day 2x cupom costs less compared to what it gives(it nearly double your experience x2 a frenzy that won't add much more than 20~~30% unless nexon buff it up....), if you were to level 10hours/day for15 days in a month using the Fury Frenzy you have 150 hours(or maybe more if people have resistence to not give up+well rested), a lot better and also it still need to be better in the buff it gives, right now it wouldn't be worth even if we got a lot more accessibility.

    Now if it's a high consumable, then 2 hrs could work as long you can buy a lot of em easier whenever a person is whiling to train for a long time or maybe even buy for multiple days they will be using the Fury Frenzy.

    Honestly the Fury Frenzy needed to maybe increase spawn rate and slighly the respawn, since more monsters could also make this item better for different maps than the usual Frenzy Totem and Kishin, potentially making it not as bad, and making more maps viable i guess; increasing a map spawn by 50% but not changing it's spawn rate by more than 20% seens to make it valuable(could be even 10%more respawn speed).
  • Arcane Force Timegated and Repetative

    Latemaster wrote: »
    Also there's tenebris area (moonbridge, LoS and limina) which doesn't give symbols at all but after 250 it's quite much the only reasonable area to grind. That area should drop selectors too and why not make those selectors tradeable so higher lvl players who have max symbols already could help out newer players with their symbol madness.

    I agree on this, this is actually a cool idea, maybe even drop those in some maps in Darmoor content?