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  • The state of Kishin; Post your Suggestions here

    So I'm just gunna start this off by pulling a few quotes from our friendly Overlord of Nexon America so everyone is clear that Kishin will be changed and why:
    Because the Kishin skill allows maps to have more monsters and increases the rate at which they reappear after being defeated, and because of the sheer amount of players in the game using this skill at the same time, this causes a lot of technical issues that are difficult to solve. As I mentioned, we have done a lot to try to mitigate the lag, but we ultimately came to the conclusion that Kishin’s ability to increase monster spawn rate needed to be reduced to provide a smoother experience for all players.

    We started to accelerate these discussions so that we could make changes before our upcoming Black Mage update patches. Our proposals included ways to reduce Kishin’s ability while providing bonuses to things like drop rate and EXP, so that we could ensure these changes didn’t impact the skill’s overall purpose and effectiveness
    ...we also understand the overall concerns about Kishin and how players feel that it is necessary to have a Kanna mule or a secondary PC just to be able to progress at a reasonable rate in the game
    ...18.55% of the unique non-banned characters who have logged into the game since June 1st, 2018 were Kanna classes. We agree that this creates an unhealthy game environment for our players, so we will be taking a hard look at these concerns and gathering as much data as we can and we will use this information as we decide how to move forward with Kanna

    Increasing spawn rate and count of mobs causes lag, most players feel the need to have Kish mules to progress at a good speed, and a lot of new unique characters made these days are just Kannas (most likely either Kish mules or Meso farming chars on Reboot).

    Now then
    Here are my ideas for solutions to the lag problem:
    1: (Best at solving lag) Make Kishin increase base drop rate and XP of enemies (so it stacks multiplicatively with all sources of drop and xp boosts to make it function as similar as possible to the end result of current Kishin). Since Kishin increases spawn rate and count so much, this would have to be legit like +100% or more to base drop and xp rates of mobs otherwise it'd essentially be a nerf (ye, Kishin is that currently that strong).
    2. (Good, but not perfect) Reduce spawn rate and boosted spawn count, but increase XP and drop rate to compensate.

    Solution to people feeling like they need a Kishin Mule to get farm XP and Drops at a reasonable rate:
    -Make Kishin a Link Skill. Duration scales with Kanna lv (70/120/210), and obviously do one of the lag solutions otherwise you'll kill the servers due to everyone now having kishin.

    Solution that would cover both:
    - Boost XP and Drop for all of GMS by like 2x across the board, and make Kishin just an ordinary summon for damage.