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  • Pottable Badge

    How bout this, instead of bringing back Ghost Ship Exorcist badge or Sengoku Hakase Badge, how bout just make the main existing badges potable in gms since these other badges have existed in the past?

    Maybe give ventus badge like 10 max SF and BM badge the full 25 SF as well since these 2 unobtainable badges also have SF (although their SF doesn't give WA/MA until like 20 stars I think)

    It always leaves a bad taste in players mouths when unobtainable items are BIS by a big margin, and this is definitely the case for these badges, so I think some solution is definitely warranted...
  • Anyone else really not like the new event format?

    I haven't really been interested in the new events at all because of this new "tiers" thing where you have to pay tons of coins in order to just be able to access a new shop.

    I feel like it just forces you to play so much and grind so many coins just to be able to buy the stuff you want.

    I miss just getting event coins and buying the stuff I want and not having to play for weeks to get to the tier, then grind further to get to the individual items.
  • Bring back Server transfers to the cash shop

    Literally just merge almost all the worlds besides reboot into 1 or 2 world clusters. Half of em are dead. No need to charge and lose your stuff and legion or whatever happens when you transfer
  • Event Dailies Consistently take way too long

    "If you don't like it, don't do it" is and always has been a horrible mentality. Events are made to draw people back into the game and get people hyped to experience new content, not to make them come back to the game only to have them feel like playing the game is a chore.
  • Commerci Gear Suggested Changes

    Tyrant SW I always thought was weird and would be fine with them removing...

    However I do think it'd fit much better as an inbetween level of CRA and Abso, as right now, without transposing, they are worse than both imo, despite being lv160 due to tyrants being better and easier to obtain with a few weeks of guild runs (take out the boots and cape and SW starts lookin much worse, and everyone uses CRA top and bottom because it's 2 separate pieces of gear therefore double the potential). For these reasons I think the stats could use a rework so they're an alternative to Tyrants + CRA as opposed to being worse.