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  • My wishes for convincing gameplay 2020 and onward

    Definitely agree.

    Those event equips helped me a lot back in the old days of me playing on regular servers. I remember getting a big boost in damage and training way faster with the event tube in the early days of maple.

    In context of today, we sort of see this with the Frozen set, given to every burning character, however it's basically a gimped version of stuff like the Override set. Burning isn't just good for the free level ups, but also for the free gear that helps a lot in gearing up new characters.

    This matters especially on reboot where you can't just buy all your gear. You don't realize how much time it takes for a solo player to get some starting armor that isn't god awful until you train someone up without burning these days, hence why so many players just opt to only make new characters during burning events.

    I bet if stuff like yearly anniversary item sets came back, then people would be a lot more willing to get into the game as they'd be able to try many different classes in the span of a single event and build up their legion in the process instead of just the usual 2 burnings per event (2 tera and 3 normal for non-reboot).

    I started reboot during the override event and I've got like 15 or so characters geared up with the override set, so it's clear as day to me that it helped a lot in getting started on a new server.

    The best part about that set in particular was you could also use it very early on and it scaled up as you got stronger up to lv 100, where the whole set is a good deal better than frozen set.
  • Pottable Badge

    How bout this, instead of bringing back Ghost Ship Exorcist badge or Sengoku Hakase Badge, how bout just make the main existing badges potable in gms since these other badges have existed in the past?

    Maybe give ventus badge like 10 max SF and BM badge the full 25 SF as well since these 2 unobtainable badges also have SF (although their SF doesn't give WA/MA until like 20 stars I think)

    It always leaves a bad taste in players mouths when unobtainable items are BIS by a big margin, and this is definitely the case for these badges, so I think some solution is definitely warranted...
  • Anyone else really not like the new event format?

    I haven't really been interested in the new events at all because of this new "tiers" thing where you have to pay tons of coins in order to just be able to access a new shop.

    I feel like it just forces you to play so much and grind so many coins just to be able to buy the stuff you want.

    I miss just getting event coins and buying the stuff I want and not having to play for weeks to get to the tier, then grind further to get to the individual items.
  • Bring back Server transfers to the cash shop

    Literally just merge almost all the worlds besides reboot into 1 or 2 world clusters. Half of em are dead. No need to charge and lose your stuff and legion or whatever happens when you transfer
  • Event Dailies Consistently take way too long

    "If you don't like it, don't do it" is and always has been a horrible mentality. Events are made to draw people back into the game and get people hyped to experience new content, not to make them come back to the game only to have them feel like playing the game is a chore.