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NA Reboot Lachelein Map Crashes 5/2


  • MapleSapoMapleSapo
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    edited May 2021
    IMO all I would need would b 3k maple points to get my missing fairy bros stamp and 300 event coins for what we, or at least I, missed during this.

    I logged another character for the Fairy bros Stamps so i'm fine with that since it is shared with all the characters. But the event coins is not shared so yeah, they should give us at least 300 coins.

    Don't forget the daily quests. Symbols for every daily from that day, and some exp coupons would be the right thing.
  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    [Update May 6] We were able to prevent the Lachelein map crashes on May 4th, however, we're closely looking to identify the root cause of the problem while we also review the compensation for the affected players. We'll provide an update on the compensation details once they've been finalized.

  • nviapplenviapple
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    The compensation is just a joke. I heard Lachelein would cause crash from my guild so I missed the daily quests twice to avoid going to the main street. For players like me, we get nothing for compensation. As a player, I tried to do the daily quests everyday but the game bug prevents me to do so. Didn't I deserve some compensation for what I should get in the absence of the bug? I don't understand what is good for you to be so mean in compensation for bugs.