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  • Bought no need for it anymore
  • Aggraphine wrote: » Like I said, most of the things. Cash items(anvils, exp/drop coupons) might not be. arh okay thank you
  • Aggraphine wrote: » The actual codes to redeem the items with are account-bound, but most of the items redeemed should be freely tradeable. If these redeemed items are what you mean, feel free to do whatever you want with them. Thanks for the i…
  • If you are EU, and lost it before the merge, than its not possible to get back, as far as i know, but i might be wrong
  • Mira wrote: » Can't speak to the first point, but you can only gain 8 hours worth of exp per day at the Hallow Disco, so perhaps you already exceeded that limit ? hey yeah i figured it out the exp thing, but thanks for your reply ^^
  • i crashed and for someweird reason got the message blocked by GMMaplestory, for hack reason, i used a freaking flame lol....
  • HHG1 wrote: » You need to spend 300 dollars per month to consistently maintain Diamond MVP status. Your MVP status is based on what you've spent the past 3 months, and is recalculated when a new month starts. It's not on a 30 day basis from when y…
    in MVP Comment by Camper August 2019
  • Milibrow wrote: » Yup, same problem here as well. You have to restart the game to get rid of it. It only happens when you go to the beginner skills though. yeah its so damn annoying to play with, got to level 115 and now i just have to close it…
  • if when you do the patch, does the 14.7GB stand in the install tab or the download one ?
  • Aggraphine wrote: » There are two "known issue" crashes with beast tamer skills. Any of you playing a beast tamer? i did make one entered the first portal and dc'ed with the message, seems like its mostly reboot that have the issue, im n…
  • are you sure its actually downloading ?, when i patch, the download today was like 125MB but the install was the 14.7GB, and i havent got any double folder, it does take time with the install i guess, but yeah dont know if this is what you are refer…
  • Neospector wrote: » Your client desynced from the server, it's not the actual hack detection. You should be fine, although you may wish to check your internet and make sure everything is working properly. so what you are saying is you can ge…
  • now i cant select any channel on EU Reboot, just tells me to login on the website.
  • i got the same issue when i created my BT and went into the first portal....
  • LancerNg wrote: » oh wait .... manipulation of character damage is it when i see some one look like they are stuck in air with skills on? are those hack? and i get banned for in the same map with them, while i am not in party with them? never a…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » If it's the kind that gives event coins, they should've been added to your total that you see on the gauge at the bottom-right of your screen its the reward points one or if you're lucky mesos, maple points, didnt see any re…
  • would also like to know ! if i delete my 200+ burning char, if i will recive the boxes again.
  • AKradian wrote: » Since it is now after 8AM UTC on May 15, 2019, the rates on the bottom apply. thank you
  • CrystalOra wrote: » Some people are not lucky enough to get that pollo map right away. Once your 200 you don't want to sit and grind for a chance at getting the last quest finished. Killing Kenta only takes a few min and then your done. You cou…
  • CrystalOra wrote: » I went into Kenta pq and my partner in my party quit. Then I escorted Kenta to death in the second stage! DONE!!! you could just do the orginal one with pollo and the other guy, same effect but nice to hear you are done, i …