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  • not to necro or anything, but where is the thread of fate window now? I can't find it.
  • The tech side of Nexon knows about the issue and started looking into the cause, but appear short staffed atm because of holidays so lets try to give them some patience in the issue. They're trying to work on finding it while keeping the servers up …
  • Day 5: The people of Nameless town worship me as a god, since I can complete their quests. I wonder what the rest of the world is like...I haven't gotten any messages. Anyone left alive?
  • Ohh ohh, I just complained to a GM and he said "everything's fine, it must be you, try logging in again". Seriously why are they so stupid? I wouldn't say stupid, just not tech savvy and don't know much about MapleStory on Average. Heck some of the…
  • Figured since they had some GMs working they'd have some techies too... Hopefully it comes back soon. Through the purge we shall rise again
  • Crumbling is easy mode right? Arms have never given exp. Same goes for pre-revamp. Yeah, this was my first time doing easy mode, so was confused. Thank you.
  • It's because of the bats. I disconnect whenever they make contact with anything, so we'll probably be forced to play without them until next week, or whenever Nexon decides to fix them. I attacked without bats and got D/Ced 3 times in a row, the is…
  • Toying with thief based classes to figure out what to go with for higher level, I had the misfortune on Night Lord to get a KS griefer. This was not someone trying to level. This guy was a 150 Kenesis, at the golems. Full clearing the room repeatedl…
  • easyier way is just to click the little picture box above of where you type and paste in the pictures url You mean kind of like I described? "beside the C and hyperlink is an image, post the image file and insert it ()"
  • They CAN'T tell you why you were blocked past what they've said or hackers can find ways around it. I'd suggest looking at what you have on your computer, especially what's running, before loading maplestory. If that doesn't work you should record y…
  • This'll get backlash, but the best way to stop the KSing would probably be stopping almost everyclass from having giant mobbing skills from the beginning. If you can't his half the map with one skill you're less likely to take the kills of other peo…
  • Why did GMS and EMS merge? It's really annoying imo. We were too crowded already. Also GMS isn't a NA server it's sadly a global server as the name implies. anyone who doesn't have a server dedicated to them can get on GMS.
  • GMS literally has all of N.A., part of Asia, Europe(now that they've merged.) , South America, and I wouldn't be surprised if Africa is on GMS too.
  • What would probably be better is to make GMS N.A. only. Either that or make bigger servers
  • You can join us in SilentDragon as long as you're relatively active it doesn't matter what level you are.
  • @HeavenzEdge Yeah sure, New or returning maplers are accepted / @CptAnarchy Ty I know it's not much, but everyone starts off somewhere ill apply when the maint is done again Nice to have you join us : O
  • @jorjax I talked to GM malmol and they've started to put together a guide on how to set up a controller to use with Maplestory. The GM said they'll try to make sure it's seen by players when the guide becomes available, so hopefully it'll be up soo…
  • I'd be fine with my characters being moved to reboot-2 or since there is space for 10 more channels if they just opened those up it'd probably help a lot too.
  • applied, but already up to lvl 79, so decided to jump on another char while waiting.
  • I keep getting "unable to connect to server" after the patch. I can play, but barely there is so much lag I get D/C'ed every 10 minutes and I can't attack monsters most of the time. If it's gonna be like this for a while I might just get off maple a…