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If you are not playing the game, you are letting the game play you.
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I like to create sound samples and play MMOs


  • I read it once, but if I do the same quest on another character, then I try to speed through the dialog for that character. (Pressing space or click on box to bring up "next") I like the story-line of KFT's main quest-line but it does get quite t…
  • Is refreshing familiars health thing is no longer going to be a thing?? I worry about training my mages because of this new change to the familiar system. I worry if with this system, the MP and HP regen familiars have will be changed as well.
  • Top 5 eh... 5) Demon Avenger 4) Beast Tamer 3) Aran 2) Wild Hunter 1) Kenesis ... Though I like a large portion of classes already, I think these are my fave 5 =D
  • I too play on a potato. In every PC Game I play, I have to find a way to turn off hardware rendering, or my PC will blue screen. I also need my graphics to medium or low. Not sure if V-Syncing will effect performance or not, but even if it does o…
  • Unpopular opinion but my least favs are: Buster Cannoner Luminous Pink Bean Zero At the risk of receiving backlash for my explanations: I will just say one of these classes consume more mana than a mage then I would like to admi…
  • I listen to everything and anything. With me, there is no set genres, just hit shuffle and see what comes up. Pandora, Aimp, Spotify Web, Youtube. My lastfm is riddled with tracks varying betwixt artists and genres. =D I really like motivation so…
  • EDIT: Oops this thread was necro'd sorry delete my post since I can't please. >.
  • I got the music but no license. I use youtube to make various music playlists. I also thought about trying out a radio station of my own but I don't have the money to do so and I need a billion different licenses to do so, so I scrapped that idea…
  • Cut Scenes can be a bit much which is why I need to never delete my ark or make him on another server lol Sometimes the Youtube cut-scenes can be skipped by pressing "Esc"
  • Some worlds are empty but I would do PQs. Exp and Rewards needs to be re-worked in order to be active. My guess would be try Bera, you might have some better luck finding people who are bored and wanna PQ but as it stands now, the exp and rewar…
  • Yes definitely. Especially if it is optimized with the a state-of-the-art engine so it is stable upon release =D
  • My average is around 1:20 - 1:40 Beware the stardust next to the yellow explosive >.
  • I have one perm beginner and it isn't easy. I noticed theme dungeons are a big no-no early on, unless you are super strong. Random good equips that are classless do drop, but most are in the higher level areas. I suggest doing fetch quests instead o…
  • I change mains as often as I do clothes... Everyday lol But my highest is a Bishop primarily it is because in his 90s back in the day people liked to party and Bishops were perfect for that. Even though now people like to solo, I kinda tr…
  • Yes that... basically started with a world transfer event and popular maple twitch streamers started to flock there along with a lot of other players. Yes I too noticed a dip in my friends list, especially because I am seeing all those #numb…
  • Yay 2 people on Broa now LOL xD Everyone went to Bera for cookies and now stayed. Also school is in session, so servers might get busier in the summer months. I saw quite a few on Broa recently during the pop-up events that have taken …
  • They should include MVP chatter in the same channel as "System" to keep it all organized. Even If I use my own channels, I still get MVP lag but this has been like this forever. One day, maybe, it will be adjusted or fixed.
  • There are so many. One that still is in the back of my mind is going in blind (sort-of-speak) and make a mage. That wasn't the odd part, the odd part was, I wanted the mage to be strong so I upped my Str as his main stat and Int as my second…
  • One would think that if everyone is doing the Step Up event that everyone would also be doing the PQ therefore nullifying the PQ as "dead" for the time being. That is what one would think. *shrugs*
  • That is a temporary fix, did it once a while ago. It fixed it for a while but eventually it reverted back to the blank "ok" screen. I now switched over to Steam and it works!! Yay!! F2 Back on topic: I agree the NGS system can be finicky …