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If you are not playing the game, you are letting the game play you.
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I like to create sound samples and play MMOs
  • Why Maplestory?

    Haz wrote: »
    Hello peoples, I was just wondering if some of you can answer some of my questions because this is an old game and yet I still see it being kind of active.

    Firstly, why do you play Maplestory rather than other games and what is it about this game that makes you keep playing?

    Secondly, Do you like the art style?

    Thirdly, How would you Improve the game?

    Fourthly, How does this game make money and are you happy with how they monetize? Have you spent money on the game?

    Fifthly, If they release more content would you play? Also, If a game similar to it is released would you try it?

    Lastly, What are your thoughts on the balance of the game, the PVP, PVE content, questing, and any other thoughts?

    1A) I play a lot of my games equally honestly, I only play Maple maybe 2 or 3 more hours on top of my current line-up of games I play.

    1B) What keeps me playing is nostalgia and intrigue to see what is to come. I also enjoy the simplicity of the game and its appealing aesthetics.

    2) As answered in 1B, I do.

    3) That would depend on my role. Roles can only do so much to improve the game. As it stands, I can just support by logging in and playing the game =D

    4A) The game makes money by the cash shop.

    4B) It is working for them so I support that (=

    4C) I have in the past, now for the future I might again when I see a perm item I like on sale.

    5A) Yes

    5B) Yes

    6A) The balancing is frequently adjusted so as it stands it is improving incrementally.

    6B) No pvp yet. There used to be though and one day I hope it returns.

    6C) The PVE is very good in my opinion.

    6D) Tons of quests, though some are outdated and can be updated to better suit the needs of on-going future updates to the game.

    6E) Needs more GM interaction and discussion on how to protect the integrity of the product. This is an enjoyable game and I will play it until its (or my) final day =D


    Whoops I got a little to wordy. Hope this helps =D
  • Old Maplestory nostalgia?

    There are so many memories way to many to recall but I will list a few...

    1) Fighting Iron Boar in Pig Beach as a lv 20 warrior was hell. But with a few of my magician buddies to conquer it ( 1 was an aspiring cleric and 1 was an aspiring ice lightning mage) the boar was conquered.

    2) Exploring the evil eye cave with friends, dying to a Jr Balrog after not knowing anything that was in the deepest regions of Sleepywood. Then training in the Ant Tunnel becoming mesmerized from the music loosing track of time.

    3) Staying up for 48 hours pushing my Cleric to 70 to catch up to my friends who were close to 80.

    4) Dying in Orbis because my warrior was way under-leveled and it was just introduced.

    5) Having my then level 15 warrior find out that the path between Henesys and Elina has Golems on the bottom on one of the maps, then jumping in thinking that I can take them out for good exp, only to see me "miss" a whole lot then die. Then saying in the chat "I died to a bunch of robots in Henesys". I had no idea they were actually Golems lol

    6) Making a guild for the first time with friends.