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If you are not playing the game, you are letting the game play you.
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I like to create sound samples and play MMOs
  • Does anyone even read the NPC chat?

    I read it once, but if I do the same quest on another character, then I try to speed through the dialog for that character. (Pressing space or click on box to bring up "next")

    I like the story-line of KFT's main quest-line but it does get quite tedious doing it on multiple characters. (=

    My vote goes to "I only read chat on new quests"
  • What's Your Least Favorite Job?

    Unpopular opinion but my least favs are:




    Pink Bean


    At the risk of receiving backlash for my explanations:

    I will just say one of these classes consume more mana than a mage then I would like to admit and it frustrates me to train them for a long time.

    3 of them are my play-style preferences as I couldn't get into it.

    As lastly, one of them is temporary and offer no real incentive for me to play as even though it gives bonuses to my other characters. I still can't get into it.
  • What music do you listen to while playing maple?

    I listen to everything and anything. With me, there is no set genres, just hit shuffle and see what comes up. Pandora, Aimp, Spotify Web, Youtube. My lastfm is riddled with tracks varying betwixt artists and genres. =D

    I really like motivation songs going into or preparing for a big 20 min boss battle though. But grinding or chilling, it is anything =D
  • Losing that spark


    To get the Spark back ya need to set in-game goals for yourself. That is how I stay motivated to play. I do get bogged down by seeing hackers and lag everywhere but as long as I stay driven to achieving my in-game goals, I am brought back up.

    There is a "Goals and Achievement" thread worth looking into on people who have goals to reach in Maple before they call it. It really does help if you are feeling the need for something to look forward to.

    Also you can take breaks and find fun outside of Maple Story, when your spirits are up you can go to the website and keep up with the happenings of Maple or decide it isn't quite time yet to return and go about your day.

    Make friends outside of Maple and add them to your favorite social media then tell them about the game and party with them to show them the ropes, this would be good for your motivation as well. Helping out your friends.

    Try not to let the negative consume you, fight the Black-Mages influence of dread and despair and surround yourself with the Aura of Positivity. (=

  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread


    Short -term goals:
    Get to level 100 on everyone I created on the server I play on. *Only 1 more character to go!*.
    Zak Helm on everyone I created on the server I play on (1 more needs one and he is the toughest to get it because he is a perm-beginner).

    Long-term goals:
    Get to 250 on everyone I created on the server I play on.
    Get guild emblems for my guilds.
    Get max legion character slots open.
    Horntail Pendant or any Horntail related accessory on everyone I created on the server I play on.

    EDITED: Yay narrowing in on my short-term goals. F2