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  • That must have been it! I can redeem them now, at least up to the cap. I guess I'd never run into the cap until this event! Thanks AKraidan.
  • Thank you SO MUCH! Going through those steps worked perfectly! My Perma-Beginner owes you his thanks.
  • I can confirm that your level compared to the familiar's level doesn't change the drop rate of familiars. In the patch, it stated that the familiar drop rate has not changed from prior to the patch. As a heavy familiar collector (824 so far), I can …
  • I've compiled all of the Familiar questions asked so far into a single list, with some editing. Will the Familiar Badges each be a separate badge, or will it be a single item that changes stats depending on what is selected in the UI? [Snizze] …
  • This is quite possibly one of the stupidest laws Belgium has created in the 21st century. Of course, you have to think about it logically (which very few people do these days) to see how stupid it is: A virtual box with a virtual pink dress in it…
  • Thank you very much for a completely reasonable and non-aggressive post. We salute you. Given that there are no events going on at this time, there really shouldn't be any tension. No one is missing anything. Events that would have started will j…
  • Hey, guess what? You should read this. http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/18674/not-frequently-enough-asked-questions Now calm down and stop acting like children.
  • Those who act as children will be treated as such. Go sit in the corner.
  • darik wrote: » TerrorStreak wrote: » No the dark boss set items need to be insanely hard to obtain Wtf is wrong with you? That's far enough. Just because someone has a different opinion about something doesn't mean you can shut him down…
  • Thanks AKradian! I went through the simulator a few thousand times for each questioned equip and found out some very interesting things about Potential. Mainly: -Neither Hearts nor Badges are considered Armours (they can't get X% to Ignore Damage…
  • I think that specific Elites should just be replaced by any Elite at all. Right now almost all 3-star elites are more difficult to obtain a completion for than 5-star bosses. If we do keep it as specific Elites, I say change them to four stars si…
  • Thanks for the resources AKradian! However, I would probably use those as my last resort, as I'm not too keen on creating yet another website account just to ask someone one question. I think I made my question too broad. I do know which potentia…
  • Alright, AKradian. I've had enough of you, and I think I'm saying this for a lot of the users: STOP COMPLAINING. The fact that you've had more posts and reactions than at least half the users in this forum combined shows that you spend far too mu…
  • Bug type: User Interface Brief bug summary: Two of the Legion UI elements remain after retreating the Legion Raid. More details: The current Legion coin count in the top left corner of the screen, as well as the damage counter at the top middl…
  • I'd like to say a word of thanks for resetting the shops and allowing us to move to the Campgrounds even after the event ended. It means a lot.
  • Is anyone aware of any of the MMF bugs? We've had numerous patches that could have fixed some, but not a single one has been fixed or even addressed. Extending the event doesn't help when the same issues are present.
  • Meanwhile, in Nameless Town...
  • It appears that the issue is only in Khaini for me; my level 34 in Bellocan is able to receive and complete the quest.
  • The actual life bar does go down for me, unfortunately. Getting hit 3 times after those two does kick me out. At least, it does in ToT and Sleepywood. Haven't tried any others.
  • There's absolutely no logical reason to merge so many. Notice that there are currently over 5,000 towns in the US with a population of less than 1,000 (city-data) What do we do? Does the US tell these towns "Hey, you're too small, so we're just g…