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  • Familiar System Revamp 2020 Questions

    I've compiled all of the Familiar questions asked so far into a single list, with some editing.

    Will the Familiar Badges each be a separate badge, or will it be a single item that changes stats depending on what is selected in the UI? [Snizze]

    Which EQUIP slot will these Familiar Badges go in? [Snizze/HerptheDerp]

    What will be the maximum stats that can be obtained with the Familiar Badges? [Snizze]

    Can Familiar Badges be given potential and/or hidden potential? [HerptheDerp]

    Will the Familiar Badges have the same stat set effects as the current ones? [HHG1]

    Will there be a method of checking a monster's information (area, level, HP, drop table) that is similar to how the Crusader Codex worked? [Snizze/BobbyWeave]

    Will Red Familiar Cards be purchasable through mesos or Reward Points in both Reboot and non-Reboot? [Snizze/Iara/Stallben]

    Will Red Familiar Cards be available through other means (Legion Coin Shop, event shops, elite/boss drops, etc.)? [Stallben]

    How will Familiar Breakthrough Cards be obtained (quests, regular/boss drops, cash shop, etc.)? [Snizze]

    How will Familiar potential change when a Familiar's rank is increased? [Snizze]

    Will Familiars have vitality, and if so, how will they recharge? [Iara/MaleKanna/SunsetChaos]

    Will there be compensation for old familiars that have more than one vitality, or will the vitality transfer? [Iara/HHG1]

    What will happen to currently expired familiars? [AK712]

    Will the drop rate of Familiar cards change (overall, as well as for each mob)? [Iara/Rexaar/Stallben]

    Will old familiars be able to increase rank/use Red Familiar Cards/change stats as well, while still keeping their old Familiar Effect? [Iara/Stallben]

    Will there be Familiar Booster Packs, or something similar, available in both Reboot and non-Reboot, and will they be available for mesos or Reward Points? [Iara/FutureChris]

    Will the new familiar UI have a Search or Favourites option? [HHG1]

    Are Red Familiar Cards required to rank up to Legendary, or can Legendary rank be obtained through other means? [HHG1]

    What will be the possible stat/potential boosts of the new familiar system? [JushiroNet]

    Will there be an option to hide familiars or change their transparency? [JushiroNet/Colourson]

    Will any unused familiars disappear after the update? [Zyxsst]

    Will all mobs from all areas, including event mobs and boss mobs, have a familiar, or will some stay as only obtainable through Gachapon/Marvel? [Issyl/BobbyWeave/MaleKanna/AK712]

    Will the Familiar Badges work the same as Familiar Sets in JMS, or will Familiar Sets be added? [PirateIzzy]

    Will old event familiars (SAO, Eluna, etc.), as well as non-obtainable familiars (Kerning Square, Florina Beach, etc.) be able to go through the same upgrades as the new familiars? [Stallben/AACMIV/AK712]

    What are these familar-related items supposed to be, and where will the familiar shop NPC be located? [Stallben]

    Will there be familiars with non-stat-related effects, similar to some old familiars (drop rate, restore %HP/MP, change player colour, etc.)? [Murs]

    Will the Familar Badges act like Oz badges with a set potential that we are unable to change? [Murs]

    Will old familiars have a second potential/skill added, or will they only have the original? [MaleKanna]

    Will Crusader Codex completed set effects transfer to the new UI? [AACMIV]

    If three familiars with identical skills/potentials are used, will those skills/potentials stack? [AACMIV]

    What skills will be available for familiars? [SunsetChaos]

    Can we change the skills/effects of old familiars? [SunsetChaos]
  • [UI/Funct.] Monster Life Visit Random Farm

    Bug type: User Interface/Functionality

    Brief bug summary: The "Visit Random Farm" mirror in Monster Life is no longer random.

    More details: When clicking on "Visit Random Farm" both in Jules's Place and on the bottom bar, the same sequence of farms will appear every time, provided you haven't already visited that farm since the last time visiting Monster Life from MapleStory. Judging by the number of plays of each monster of the first few farms that are coming up, it seems to be happening for everyone.

    Character name: AK7123

    Character level: 2176

    Character job: Hero

    World name: Elysium

    Date and time of the incident: 22:26 UTC 12/16/19
  • Thank You!

    On behalf of the MapleStory GMS community (or at least the Khaini/Broa server), I'd like to thank everyone who assisted with the 13th Anniversary. I know that almost everyone I talked to had tons of fun with all of the events we had, and I know that a lot of us appreciate the work that was done to make all of the events happen. I feel like there isn't as much thanks given to the staff and volunteers as there should be, so I wanted to let you all know that the work you did on this anniversary really paid off and it really means a lot to the community. So, I'd like to give a shout out to the developers, designers, writers, analysts, testers, VFMs, GMs, and of course, our CM for all of the work in creating, testing, updating, bug-finding/fixing, and running the 13th Anniversary. We're excited to see what you have in store for the next one!

  • Just say "No"

    Alright, AKradian. I've had enough of you, and I think I'm saying this for a lot of the users: STOP COMPLAINING.

    The fact that you've had more posts and reactions than at least half the users in this forum combined shows that you spend far too much time sitting on this forum complaining about every so-called "issue" that you bring up than you actually spend playing the game. Not to mention that if anyone disagrees with you, you immediately start calling them names, tell them they have no clue what they're talking about, they're just kissing up to Nexon, bla bla bla. And of course, you can't help but smash Nexon employees in pretty much every post, as if every single one of them is responsible for every error ever made EVER. Your favorite phrase appears to be "typical Nexon BS".

    In all reality, you're showing yourself to be a complete jerk. Especially in issues like this, insignificant issues that barely anyone cares about. Oh look, 30-50 of the 1000s of possible medals to get don't register. As Arwoo said, not all of them were meant to. Why can't you accept that as an answer? Does EVERYTHING have to go your way for you to be happy? Why can't you accept the choices of the developers? Since when are you the one who gets to say what does and doesn't happen?

    Honestly, I think you enjoy complaining. I think you enjoy all of the attention that you bring to yourself when you do stupid things like this. I also think that you're so used to getting your way that you're no longer capable of enjoying anything that isn't exactly the way you want it. And that is a very sad place to be. When you go into a game and you can't enjoy it until it's "perfect" by your standards, you will never have fun.

    So, if you really enjoy it, go ahead! Keep complaining! See if you can break 10K posts, or 50K posts, or 100K posts. See how many people you can get reactions out of. Meanwhile, I'll actually be playing MapleStory, having tons of fun, while you sit on this forum for the rest of your sad, lonely life.

    Have fun,
  • 2x Coupons and MSEA

    Meanwhile, in Nameless Town...