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  • Regarding Recent Forum Downtime


    We wanted to provide an update regarding a situation that occurred regarding our forums recently.

    The Issue:
    As some observed during the morning of Dec 21st on MapleStory’s forums, content that had not actually been posted by a member of Nexon appeared under an employee’s name. We’ve removed some malicious HTML tags that allowed this to occur, and some users may have observed anomalies regarding the Private Message system.

    From our investigation, those responsible for the exploit were not able to gather direct user details or passwords. However, we always recommend updating your passwords regularly, and not using the same password across multiple websites.

    Our response:
    Once able to determine the specific issue(s), we took all of our Nexon game forums offline to investigate and correct the issue. During that time, we put in some additional safeguards as well. We also rolled back the MapleStory forums to a period before the exploit began, so some posts from yesterday evening or overnight may have been removed.

    We thank you for your patience and understanding during this downtime of the forums, and hope you continue to enjoy using them.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I play Global MapleStory from where I am in the world?

    Global MapleStory (GMS)covers anywhere there is not a current or former region-specific MapleStory service. That means you cannot play Global MapleStory from the following locations:

    • South Korea

    • Japan

    • China, including Hong Kong

    • Taiwan

    • Singapore

    • Malaysia

    • Indonesia

    • Thailand

    • Vietnam

    How do I find [location, NPC, monster]?

    Before asking here, open your world map (default keyboard shortcut: W key). Hovering over most map icons will show you a list of monsters and/or NPCs on those maps, as well as the map name. You can zoom out of a region or area map by right-clicking, and you can zoom into sub-maps by left-clicking on them. There is also a button to allow you to view the full world map, as well as a button that allows you to select another region to view. In addition, there is a search option that can be used to search for map names, monsters, and NPCs -- it also has an option that gives recommendations for monsters you should hunt based on your level. After searching, double-click on a result to see its location.

    Some quests have a Find NPC option in the quest log. Many (but not all) NPCs involved in quests can be found this way.

    How do I get to [location]?

    Many ship routes around Maple World are shown when going to the world map and hovering over the town icons.

    • To travel from Victoria Island to Orbis, Ereve, or Edelstein, go to Six Path Crossway, climb up to Victoria Tree Platform, take the appropriate portal, then talk to the travel NPC.

    • To go from Edelstein to Victoria Island or Orbis, go to the Edelstein Temporary Airport, talk to Ace, then choose where you want to go.

    • To go from Ereve to Victoria Island or Orbis, go to Crossroads of Ereve, take the Sky Ferry portal, then talk to the appropriate ship NPC.

    • Orbis has routes to Victoria Island, Ludibrium, Leafre, Mu Lung, Ariant, Ereve, and Edelstein. Talk to Isa at Orbis Station Entrance. You can also travel from any of these locations back to Orbis.

    • To go to Pantheon in Grandis, take the interdimensional portal at Six Path Crossway.

    • To get to New Leaf City in Masteria, go to the Subway Ticketing Booth in Kerning City, purchase a ticket from Bell, then use the Ticket Gate.

    • To get to Amoria, talk to Thomas Swift in Henesys. Talk to him in Amoria to return to Henesys.

    • To get to Zipangu (which has Mushroom Shrine, Showa Town, and Momijigaoka), talk to Spinel, who is in most towns. You can get to Ninja Castle by taking the palanquin from Mushroom Shrine.

    • To travel to Singapore or Malaysia, talk to Irene at Victoria Tree Platform or to Spinel, who is in many towns. From Audrey can take you between Singapore and Malaysia.

    • The Dimensional Mirror in towns can be used to travel to a variety of places, including New Leaf City (Masteria), the Golden Temple (Mu Lung Garden), Momijigaoka (Zipangu), and Crimsonheart Castle (Tynerum).

    Where can I buy/get level [#] equipment?

    Most NPC shops don't sell equipment over level 70. Most NPC shops in your job's town on Victoria Island sell equipment no higher than level 40. The easiest place to reach that sells equipment up to level 60 is Orbis. The easiest places to reach that sell equipment up to level 70 are Ludibrium, Ariant, and Mu Lung.

    Some players sell equipment in the Free Market. The prices vary.

    If you are at least Lv.30 and have made the 2nd job advancement, you can learn professions, some of which allow you to make equipment. There are two harvesting professions (Herbalism and Mining) and three crafting professions (Alchemy, Smithing, and Accessory Crafting).

    Some higher-level content includes shops that have some higher-level equipment that can be purchased using specific coins obtainable in that content. Some examples of this type of content are Gollux, Magnus, and Kritias.

    There are also occasionally events that have a special shop that may include certain equipment not regularly available. These items can be purchased using coins specific to certain events running at that time.

    At what levels are the job advancements?

    • 10, 30, 60, 100

    • 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 100: Dual Blades

      I made a regular Explorer. Where is my job instructor?

      Here are the 1st and 2nd job instructors for normal Explorers:

      • Warriors: Dances with Balrog in Perion. He is in the Warrior's Sanctuary.

      • Magicians: Grendel the Really Old in Ellinia. He is in the Magic Library.

      • Bowmen: Athena Pierce in Henesys. She is in the Bowman Instructional School, in the far right of Henesys.

      • Thieves: The Dark Lord in Kerning City. He is in the basement of the Thieves' Hideout, which is in the jazz bar.

      • Pirates: Kyrin in the Nautilus. She is in the Navigation Room in the far left of top floor.

      How do I make the 2nd/3rd/4th job advancement as a regular Explorer?

      If you are at an appropriate level, a light bulb icon will appear on the left side of your screen with the appropriate quest, which will have [Job Advancement] in front of the quest name. Accept this and follow your job instructor's instructions.

      I'm a Bowman/Wind Archer/Wild Hunter/Mercedes and I'm having trouble defeating Amdusias. How do I beat him?

      You must use Solomon's Bow in order to damage Amdusias. Athena Pierce gives it to you when you accept The Final Battle with Amdusias. You will need bow arrows for this weapon. If you dropped the weapon, you can forfeit the quest and accept it to receive another one. If you're playing as Mercedes, remember to re-equip both your dual bowguns and your magic arrows after the fight.

      I equipped another weapon as Phantom and now I can't use my skills, even after reequipping my cane!

      Phantom must have both a cane and a card equipped to use his skills.

      Similarly, Mercedes must have dual bowguns equipped along with magic arrows, and Luminous must have a shining rod equipped along with an orb.

      Can I move Cash Shop items I purchased between characters?

      Only Explorers share a Cash Inventory with each other. All other classes have Cash Inventories individual to each character. We occasionally hold Cash Inventory transfer events which allow you to move your Cash items between the characters on your account who are in the same worl

      Can I send packages to other players through Donald or some other means?

      Player to player item delivery was removed with the release of the Big Bang update in December 2010. Donald is only for official communications from NEXON.

  • Posting Guidelines - Stuck Characters


    This thread is to submit ticket numbers (you must have a ticket #) for players who are currently stuck in the game. For best results make sure your character is online during the time frame we posted. Please keep in mind that this thread is only for this issue. We would like to ask that you do not create multiple threads or tickets regarding the same issue. We will do our best to assist with these issues, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to address them all. We will address these starting from the earliest post. Listed below are the issues we'll be able to look into for you.

    These should be resolved in the following weekly maintenance.

    - Got disconnected and are unable to get back into the game on a specific character.

    If you are logged into the game on the character, we should be able to assist with this as we get to the ticket.
    - Are unable to teleport out of a map.
    These should be resolved in the following weekly maintenance.
    - Are stuck in a cutscene.

    If you've met the above criteria, please feel free to post the information in the format below.

    Thread Title:[Stuck] 19000-####### (Your Ticket Number)
    Hello. My ticket number is ########. Can you please look into this?
    Character Name: Artasi
    World : Scania
    Once this has been completed and posted, we will do our best to investigate it. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. Current hours these post will be investigated are from 1pm - 5pm PST.

    After you have been helped, we would ask that you take a minute to complete a quick survey for us. It helps us to expand the avenues of support that we offer and gives us insight into how to best help you, the players: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/258Q7DW

  • Troubleshooting using MSConfig

    Greetings Maplers,

    When troubleshooting issues related to MapleStory there may be a time you will need to check your background programs and services in order to isolate an issue.

    If you have already checked programs and services such as your anti-virus or anti-malware software and Windows Firewall and have followed the steps under the Technical Support User Guide and verified you meet the Minimum Requirements to run MapleStory found via the you may want to see if another Windows process or service is causing the issue.

    Now to do this you need to get into the Msconfig menu which you access a few different ways depending on your Operating System.

    On Windows XP/Vista/7

    • Click on the start button

    • Either click on run to open up that command or scroll down to the search box

    • Type in Msconfig and click ok or hit enter

    On Windows 8

    • Scroll your mouse to the right hand corner of your screen

    • Open the search Windows

    • Type in Mscongfig and click it

    Once there you want to select the Startup tab:


    This features all the programs that start along with Windows Start Up. Don’t worry, this won’t disable any important processes that Windows requires nor will it permanently remove any of your installed programs it only pauses them from starting up until you restart them. This is a quick and easy start to identifying if one of those programs that normally runs in the background is causing issues with you running or remaining in MapleStory.

    Step One: Make sure each program listed under the tab labeled Startup Item is checked and then click on Disable all on the bottom left. After this click Apply and OK.

    Step Two: Click on the tab labeled Services


    It is possible the issue effecting MapleStory could be related to one of the service here, however, we do not want to disable any of your Microsoft Services.

    Step Three: Click on the box in the lower left corner that reads “Hide all Microsoft Services.” We are doing this so that you are only disabling non-Microsoft Services that might be causing an issue. Then Click on Apply and then OK.

    Step Four: Restart your computer.

    Step Five: Run MapleStory as you normally do and see if you are able to connect and stay connected.

    If the game runs with no issues then we know the issue is related to one of the services or programs running on your system. This is where we have to identify which one it is.

    Step Six: Relaunch Msconfig and click on the Startup tab. You should see all your programs and an empty check box next to them.

    Step Seven: Check the box for the first program and then click Apply and OK, keep in mind, sometimes you will be asked to restart your computer, sometimes not.

    Step Eight: If you were required to reboot your computer once it loads back into Windows, try launching MapleStory. If you did not need to reboot, just launch MapleStory.

    If you are able to launch MapleStory and remain connected without issue then it means the program you re-enabled is not the cause of the issue.

    Step Nine: Repeat steps Six thru Eight, you are starting with the Startup Tab first and moving onto the next program in the list. Remember to leave the previous program you enabled checked as you already have established that the program is not the cause of the issue.

    While this is a slow process because you are re-enabling one program at a time the key here is to find that program that is causing the issue.

    Eventually you will enable one of the programs either on the Startup or Services tab that was cause an issue with MapleStory. Once you discover which program it is you can then disable it again so that you can run MapleStory.

    Step Ten: Let us know via your original forum post or email which program was causing the error with your system.

    This is so we can pass it on to the game team to investigate.

    Thanks to nenenenene and the other community members and volunteers for helping discover this troubleshooting step.

  • MapleStory Bug Reporting Guidelines

    Although we test all content before it goes live, some bugs escape our detection as content is constantly changing and updating. We would like to request your help in reporting bugs you may run into while playing MapleStory. Your reports would be most beneficial in improving MapleStory for you and your fellow players.

    The purpose of this section of the forum is for you and your fellow players to discuss bugs you have found with each other, to determine if what you are experiencing actually is a bug, to determine how common the issue is (ex. is it isolated, occasional, or widespread), and to clarify exactly what is occurring in order for you to submit more accurate tickets to Customer Support. Please note that this section is not for discussions on hacking nor is it for technical support. Please post in the technical support section if you need help with an issue pertaining to that topic: http://forum2.nexon.net/forumdisplay.php?8-Technical-Support.

    Here are the guidelines we would like you to follow:

    Bug Reporting Format

    Bug type:

    Brief bug summary:

    More details:

    (anything not included in the other sections of your report)

    Steps to reproduce:

    (if not covered in the summary)

    Character name:

    Character level:

    Character job:

    World name:

    Date and time of the incident:

    (mention your time zone if you aren't posting Pacific time)

    Posting Guidelines

    1. Be sure what you have is actually a bug. One-time errors can happen so please be sure what you have is a real issue. Do not confuse technical difficulties, in-game questions, hack reports, or disagreements with game design as bugs. Please take into consideration that not everything is a bug and use your best judgment when reporting.

    2. Check to see it has already been reported. Skim through the forum to see if the bug you want to report has already been reported. There is no need to double post as it only creates clutter.

    3. Use Proper English. Use grammatically-correct English so we can understand what you are describing. Please avoid slang, abbreviations, foreign languages, and anything else that may be unclear.

    4. Leave your opinions out. This forum is not open for discussion or your criticism. Focus on how to tell us about the bug you encountered.

    5. One bug per thread. No lists of bugs in a single thread. It makes issue tracking more time consuming, especially due to potential overlap with existing threads about single issues.

    Bug Reporting Guidelines

    1. Title the bug. The topic line of your thread it should be the title of the bug, such as "Cannot purchase 1 meso items from Cash Shop". Titling your thread "Nexon fix dis nao" does not give us any idea what you are trying to get across. Please avoid excessive caps, asterisks, or any other indicators to bring attention to your thread.

    2. Create a new thread for each bug. Do not post multiple bugs on 1 thread. Each bug should have its own thread for easy reading. Please remember to browse the forum to see if the bug has already been reported.

    3. What type of bug is it. We classify bugs into categories: crash, item, quest, cash item, user interface, functionality, graphics, sound, collision, and/or text. Please note which category your bug is.

    4. Be as descriptive as possible. Tell us how you encountered the bug with as much detail and thoroughness as possible. Provide us with steps to reproduce the bug.

    Example of a Good Bug Description

    Thread title: Cannot purchase 1 meso items from Cash Shop

    Bug type: Cash item, functionality

    Description: Since the new patch, I cannot purchase the Beginner's Shopping Guide in the Cash Shop to complete the quest. It is a 1 meso item in the Cash Shop. When attempting to purchase the item, I am prompted with the purchase window with 3 options, all related to NX Cash or MaplePoints. When I click OK without checking a box, I receive another window stating "You should choose only one of three options." I cannot go pass this window to proceed purchasing this item. This also affects the other 1 meso items.

    What makes this a good bug description?

    The report had a descriptive title summarizing what the issue is. The description explained where and how it occurred. It was presented in a manner that was easy to understand and to reproduce the bug.

    Example of a Bad Bug Report

    Thread title: Nexon what is wrong with you?!

    Bug type: (none was not included)

    Description: You &*#!ed up Nexon! This patch gave us nothing but stupid changes! I can't even buy 1 meso items from the Cash Shop!

    What makes this a bad bug report?

    The report is very unclear to what the issue is. The title presents no idea but rather a criticism that is neither helpful to resolving bugs in game. The reporter forgot to fill what type of bug it was and the description does not help us identify what the issue is. The description does not explain how the bug occurred but is rather filled with personal feelings.

    We appreciate your help in reporting bugs. Again, please do not confuse technical difficulties or in-game questions as a bug. This forum is not open for discussions. Also, please take into consideration that not everything is a bug and use your best judgment when reporting.

    Addtional note:

    Due to the volume of threads posted, additional threads about known issues will be closed or deleted as spam unless new information is provided or additional information is requested by a Nexon forum moderator.