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  • Reboot Vac Pets

    Patiently waiting for them to make it a purchasable pet skill so I can use it on actually cute pets. MapleStory has all this potential for customization but they want everyone to have the exact same pets? No thanks.
  • Where's Anna?

    Neospector wrote: »
    HHG1 wrote: »
    Also not entirely true. Arwoo was still fairly active on reddit even after the decision. Ghiblee also made an effort but then disappeared from it for several months recently which is why people have noted her absence.
    And reddit is also moderated with a similar set of rules as any other forum, so it's not like doxx- and death threats are allowed or endorsed on the platform. I've also seen your posts on said subreddit (and on this forum), you're not above the toxicity you're so easily crediting the rest of the userbase for.

    The posts on said subreddit, which I haven't been on in around two years and never even came close to death or doxx threats?

    I understand you want to be mad, and I understand you want to defend the subreddit, but the behavior they're exhibiting is inexcusable regardless of how angry they are.
    It's hard to justify going onto a platform where going onto a platform either results in downvotes, insults of varying levels, and/or flat-out illegal harassment. I'm—somehow—lucky and haven't received the brunt of the harassment, and I still have multiple DMs calling me racial slurs.

    No, no. I was just saying that your posts have been toxic and needlessly antagonistic as well, in response to your original claim that the subreddit userbase was so toxic that Nexon had to cut ties, with the implication that it's an unmoderated cesspool that you want no part of and are an innocent bystander to.
    You're for some reason immediately jumping to the conclusion that I'm somehow "mad" as well. I don't believe that was implied anywhere in my posts so far, and it's certainly not the case. I only take issue with you making blanket statements that confirm your own bias, and spreading misinformation based on it.
    If you haven't been on the subreddit for 2 years, then don't make claims that Nexon hasn't frequented it during that time.
    I'm just pointing out the false information in your posts and suggesting you look at it more objectively, whether you now personally dislike the platform and the community on there or not.

    Nexon has and should still be active on the subreddit.
    But regarding OP's suggestion; Anna being more public could be both good and bad, especially if the rumors about a language barrier are true. SavageAce was somewhat involved outside of memos. It did give the sense that the memos and decisions weren't as disconnected, since we had an idea of who was behind them and that he in turn also had an idea of what the community was like.
    Which could also be seen as good or bad, depending on the content of the memo.
    In many cases the cause of any outrage seems to be the lack of sufficient communication and foresight on Nexon's part. This could and should have been avoided, as with many issues in the past.

    As for KMS content or "cloning", I'm starting to side with @Fuhreak in that it could be beneficial if implemented carefully. But so far Nexon has failed in doing so, and they've instead been hastily putting together and launching non-KMS content that everyone knows is prone to breaking the game. Again, a lack of foresight in many cases.
  • Where's Anna?

    Neospector wrote: »
    The subreddit used to be an official social platform before it was dropped due to toxicity among its userbase. This occurred a few years ago at this point, I'm unsure of the exact date.
    The subreddit is still monitored, despite the numerous doxx and death threats in the comments.

    That's not at all what happened.

    Nexon didn't want to allow datamining discussions, and the pros for being an affiliated fansite were/are less than compelling.
  • kick AFK people after certain time

    A large amount of events are centered around being able to afk for coins or exp.
    Outside of events you have the dojo unity training center, and numerous counting-chairs. that encourage you to stay online and afk.
  • Nexon to make new server?

    You've made this thread already.

    Starting to look a lot like a NeoTokyoDude account.