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  • Patiently waiting for them to make it a purchasable pet skill so I can use it on actually cute pets. MapleStory has all this potential for customization but they want everyone to have the exact same pets? No thanks.
  • Neospector wrote: » HHG1 wrote: » Also not entirely true. Arwoo was still fairly active on reddit even after the decision. Ghiblee also made an effort but then disappeared from it for several months recently which is why people have noted her ab…
    in Where's Anna? Comment by HHG1 July 2020
  • Neospector wrote: » HHG1 wrote: » That's not at all what happened. https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/76w3j7/we_are_leaving_the_fansite_program/ Nexon didn't want to allow datamining discussions, and the pros for being an affiliate…
    in Where's Anna? Comment by HHG1 July 2020
  • Neospector wrote: » The subreddit used to be an official social platform before it was dropped due to toxicity among its userbase. This occurred a few years ago at this point, I'm unsure of the exact date. The subreddit is still monitored, despit…
    in Where's Anna? Comment by HHG1 July 2020
  • A large amount of events are centered around being able to afk for coins or exp. Outside of events you have the dojo unity training center, and numerous counting-chairs. that encourage you to stay online and afk.
  • You've made this thread already. http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/28198/a-better-version-of-maplestory#latest Starting to look a lot like a NeoTokyoDude account.
  • I had this same issue a while back. Your character's skin color data has been corrupted. Contact support and ask them to send you a skin color coupon to fix the issue.
  • With daily bosses and maple tour you'll easily make that in like a week. Also, what makes you think that if tokens were sold in the cash shop that they'd be less expensive than the required meso? It would make no sense to offer them outside of ev…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » NicholasB wrote: » nah, i actually agree with him, i always thought the reaction of certain people in this forum is suspicious, like you know 100% on nexon's side no matter what the subject is, responding faster than anyone e…
  • HerptheDerp wrote: » Meso farming is no longer a calm thing you can do while watching a movie anymore, you are going to micromanaging summons like a mech. I personally don't believe this is a valid concern for any class. It shouldn't be brainde…
  • Jewcy wrote: » Hello! I wanted to post a few quality of life suggestions for the playerbase. 1) World Leap. The last world leap was in 2017 and for a good reason; MYBKCN, GRAZED, and Windia had a dwindling population and it was necessary to me…
  • Don't be ableist. Not everyone has 10 fingers. Also, married people only get 9 slots, and people with fat fingers get no slots. That's sarcasm, by the way. I put the same amount of effort into my reply as you did in your suggestion. Actually I gav…
  • JushiroNet wrote: » On the topic of forum rules I do think it's funny that so many people want old maple that it had to be banned as a topic here. Well, no. It was banned because one guy kept bringing it up, constantly, with an increasingly e…
  • If you want to use it before putting it on Adele, then yeah use it on Ark or Illium. You can just keep the coupon in your USE inventory or storage until Adele comes out too though. But once you redeem the ring you can't freely trade it (unless throu…
  • FS service is currently about 30m per cast in Bera. Have it equipped on your main so as you get to higher levels you'll be able to provide service to more people in the higher level areas. Make sure to get paid first. Also since it's a cash equi…
  • NicholasB wrote: » i have to disagree with you, other classes are fine, including jett, etc, because they're not that good for hackers and yet kanna are very good for hackers i really don't know why you're trying so hard to protect this class c…
    in Remove Kishin Comment by HHG1 June 2020
  • It's a good suggestion. I guess my main concern with it would be how Nexon formulates the survey, what options are available. Essentially; how introspective are they able to be in order to create a survey that asks the right questions and draws in v…
  • Gomenasai wrote: » Wrong. It's true that there are some people out there that are legit and will suffer if you remove the class itself or kishin but why the majority an insane, tremendous amount of people have to suffer due to a tiny percentage i…
    in Remove Kishin Comment by HHG1 June 2020
  • Kaiser4Ever wrote: » we all know that 97% of kannas are literally hackers and botters *Citation needed. Just because your guild and alliance is either illegit as hell, or inactive as hell, doesn't mean everyone else's is. A very large chunk o…
    in Remove Kishin Comment by HHG1 June 2020
  • Laxrsi wrote: » Wouldn't put it past them to make reboot harder so people switch to non-reboot then release frenzy totems back on Marvel and Philo books. Kanna and Fury changes don't only affect Reboot, and Reboot already has higher meso and ex…