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  • Where's Anna?

    Neospector wrote: »
    The subreddit used to be an official social platform before it was dropped due to toxicity among its userbase. This occurred a few years ago at this point, I'm unsure of the exact date.
    The subreddit is still monitored, despite the numerous doxx and death threats in the comments.

    That's not at all what happened.

    Nexon didn't want to allow datamining discussions, and the pros for being an affiliated fansite were/are less than compelling.
  • Freedom of Speech

    JushiroNet wrote: »

    On the topic of forum rules I do think it's funny that so many people want old maple that it had to be banned as a topic here.

    Well, no. It was banned because one guy kept bringing it up, constantly, with an increasingly entitled tone. Even after the ban he kept making threads either to dispute this "totally unfair rule" or make thinly veiled "old maple" threads under the guise of nostalgia, then quickly move to discuss his real motive. I bet he still doesn't understand that he (and others like him) is the main reason the rule is in place.

    It's much better to keep that circlejerk on Facebook where it belongs.
  • Is this situation unfair?

    Firmly ask to have it escalated to a senior GM, link the support page you've linked here along with all the ticket #s and screenshots of the character having the hair.
  • What I believe preventing players from playing MS

    RayzY wrote: »
    Alrighty, there may be something wrong with my case, if so many of you call it easy even more than 180~200.
    I play as Phantom - Those numbers are even when using stolen HS. I wonder why.

    If you're struggling to one/two-shot you might benefit from using decent HS node instead of stolen HS and use cross surge instead. Getting higher arcane force will also help.
    I don't know what your situation with legion or links are either. If you don't have any spawn increase it might benefit you to choose a larger map instead and rotate it.

    This guy has a bunch of phantom- and general funding/training guides.
  • What I believe preventing players from playing MS

    RayzY wrote: »
    HHG1 wrote: »
    What's the real reason you're struggling to get past those early levels?

    I've tried, I really did, but i'm getting like 1% in 30 mins, at the maps people are stated online. my range/arcane force are high enough.
    I would be glad and open to hear about how it's easy to level up past 220.
    HHG1 wrote: »
    But if you liked pre-BB grinding then you should really love 250+ grinding.

    Actually, my unpopular opinion is that Big Bang changed the leveling system for better.

    I don't recall my rates at 220 since I trained in Scrapyard and Dark World Tree back then, before we got Arcane. Even then it wouldn't have been 2%/hour because I would not have been training at those rates. I was 226 when V patch hit.
    Heck, I was getting 10%/hour training very sloppily at a less popular Arcana map between 240-250.
    I got two mules at 220/221 and even just capping event coins with no spawn or exp increase I get more than 1%.
    Have you tried looking at map rotation videos of other people training your class and looked into what EXP buffs you can use?
    Are you in regular servers or reboot?

    Also, past 220 you'll reach new areas and milestones every 5 levels instead of every 10 levels.