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  • Bringing Back Eluna

    No, you aren't the only one. I made a post a while back asking if Eluna was going to be a recurring event. I thought it was pretty well thought out and, barring a few things such as the sign quest needing to be fixed mentioned above, I'd really like for it to come back. It really helped me level up alot of characters really fast. And since legion is a thing now, it would be a great way for people to build theirs up.
    AKradian wrote: »
    I'd love it to come back BUT only if the horrible drops and their spammy messages are redesigned or at least can be opted out of on a character by character basis.

    What do you mean horrible drops? Were you referring to drop rate or did you mean the animation that comes with picking them up? I had heard there were some issues regarding the latter, in that their animations when being picked up caused people to lag. I never really had a problem with it, but if possible, I don't see any issue in there being a feature added to able to turn the animations off to make things smoother for people and the content more enjoyable.
  • Voices for Cadena, Illium, Phantom and Shade

    Ok, so I just listened the voices for the classes mentioned and, honestly, I have to say great job on

    the casting and execution of the lines. I'm serious, I'm really liking them. Cadena has that kinda

    sarcastic, sassy voice and attitude and oozes confidence in her (and his) skills and is actually pretty

    funny, I found myself laughing a few times (for both male and female, the male being more the

    rough, confident type than the female version), Illium has that tone of being strong and composed

    (both male and female, though I can't tell if some lines are pre or post transformation, but either

    way they're still good), Phantom has that feeling of being confident as well (given his character)

    and sounds like he carries himself well, while the female version feels more elegant in the way she

    talks. Shade's voice, both male and female are stronger than I would have thought for the way they

    look, but honestly, they aren't bad at all. By the way, I'm loving the French that both versions of

    Phantom use. Though I'm not sure how accurate they are, pronunciation wise, but to me they sound

    good, specifically the female. I'm sure there are more French audios, but the player only had one

    voice clip in French. I didn't listen to every voice clip for the classes because I wanted to play them

    and listen to them in game where I have more context for what they say, so I'm just listing my first

    impressions. They really good and not like the over yelling Kaiser does (I still feel like he should

    sound younger) or the dry heaving sounds of Demon Slayer/Avenger (they're good voices in and

    of themselves but they need to reel in the excessive yelling, like the skill lasts 2 seconds and the

    screaming lasts for 5.) I know people like playing with the voices off and I might be the only one

    that actually likes the voices, but I want to hear what other people think. I think the voices sound

    good and feel like Nexon actually tried this time, but others may feel different. I'm not sure if I'm

    allowed to link it, but for those who want to find them, they're on Spadow's soundcloud. Although

    literally the only gripe I have about them is the recycling of the Korean grunts and yells and I feel

    that it was just pure laziness on Nexon's part, like they recorded full sentences of dialogue, but

    couldn't do simple grunts and yells? Maybe they're just place holders or something before they

    actually get released, but that was just something that mildly annoyed me. So, I just want to know

    how other people feel about them whether if you like them, don't like them or what have you.
  • Kanna Revamp Changes

    Well, I'm glad Kishin isn't being nerfed, so that's good. So, is the only thing being nerfed Haku's Blessing? The only reason I'm getting is that its overpowered for other mages, but it's essential for Kanna herself to even be good just to fall short. Can there be a proposed alternative to this nerf? It just seems bad that they'd nerf a skill that Kanna needs. If anything, I think it would make her less able to compete with other mages. Maybe it can be changed to give both weapon and magic attack to support non-mage classes as well? Or just like other people said leave the Haku's Blessing for Kanna alone and give party members a slightly lowered attack/magic attack boost. I'm not too much in the know because I'm not a Kanna main myself even though I do enjoy playing it very much, however, I can't really see anything positive about Haku's Blessing getting nerfed. If someone could explain it to me, I'd appreciate it. I've been trying to find out more myself, but I'm coming up short.
  • Kanna Revamp Changes

    Wait, so they nerfed Kishin AGAIN?! I couldn't really tell when trying out the skills. If anything, I thought it may have been a bug. So, does this mean frenzy totem once again has a better spawn rate? We already went through this... I'll have to do more testing. That said, I'm kind of sad they're nerfing Haku. I haven't really noticed anything that's supposed to make her more competitive with other mages as I haven't been able to get to higher levels yet. Is the exp rate the same as in normal servers or is there an increased exp yield? The only thing I've noticed is that the Shikigami Haunting skill is MASSIVE. Then again, it may just be because I'm playing on a bigger computer screen. I'll have to compare with the normal server. Also, if we're allowed to make suggestions, I'd like it if Shikigami Haunting could hit more than three monsters. It's supposed to be her main attacking skill, but it's so weak compared to her other ones mobbing wise (unless Monkey Spirits makes up for it even though its proc chance is only 60%?). Maybe it's just me who would like that, but I thought it would be a nice change. Can any high level Kannas please clarify about the possible nerfed Kishin? I can't really test in certain environments yet, so I'm not sure.

    Edit: Shikigami Haunting is definitely bigger. Just wanted to check it out since someone mentioned it having a bigger hit box.
  • New Mage!!!

    Here's Illium's trailer. Looks pretty cool. That transformation tho.