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  • [v.190] Known Issues

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    You can share this thread with other players in our community. If there is any issue missing, please reports them in the Bug Reporting forum section, found under Help and Support. This list doesn't include prior bugs to v.190. The recent case of ban waves started prior to the v.190 update.

    [v.190] List of Known Issues:

    You're forgetting about the whole "if you delete your character you cannot re-use the ign for 24hours + a random time limit after between 5mins - 10hours"

    Wait, that's a thing? Since when?? I had a name saved for my Cadena and when I tried to use it said it was taken? So, was it just a bug then? I thought someone swiped my name. So I'm going to have the same issue when Illium comes out? I get the possible intention behind it if it's intentional, but it screws people over if they are trying to save the name they want to have.

    Edit: I'm also not sure if its a bug or not but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but Cadena's 1st job skill The Way of Shadows doesn't give speed increase. I'm not sure about the avoidability though. If I'm understanding the skill correctly, my movement speed should be 120%, but I maxed the skill out and I'm still at 100% movement speed.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Why can't they just revert Haku's Blessing into a self-buff? What's the reasoning why they don't seem too keen on doing that? It doesn't make sense, why nerf the class to the ground because of party play at the expense of the class itself (the class that actually NEEDS it)? This is going to nerf her individual capabilities really hard and there doesn't seem to be any other changes to her but this. As others have said, her skill dmg%s are really low, so are they going to buff those or no? The argument that this will make her more competitive completely falls flat when they decided to implement this change. They KNOW its not a popular decision and yet they're still doing it anyway? Why don't they just change it to be "broken" for both magical AND physical based jobs? Would that make people happy? At least make it so that everyone can benefit. Either that or give both types of classes a fraction of that % boost. While Kanna will still fall short compared to these classes, the gap will at least close a little bit. I don't see a problem with that because everyone can enjoy having stupid high damage since that's what this game seems to have become about anyway. But I guess that would require reworking how the skill works which they most likely wouldn't want to do since that would require, you know, actual WORK. I don't claim to know everything about Kanna, so feel free to let me know if the idea I put may not be the best. I've recently started playing my Kanna again and its one of the classes that I genuinely enjoy playing and I do good damage (for me anyway), but this update is going to make that damage output severely low. But I guess the silver lining in this, however small it may be, they did say they would monitor the situation. So, if this change gets a reevaluation, it's possible the change could be reversed, so here's hoping.