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  • Certain Medals Do Not Register

    As of 11/19/2017

    Medals that never registered:
    Current Obtainable Medals
    • New Collector
    • Renowned Collector
    • Amazing Collector
    • Guardian of the Five Elements

    Event Medals
    • Time Traveler
    • Maple Bigwig
    • Bronze Class
    • Silver Class
    • Gold Class
    • Greatest Class
    • Maple 3000-Day Medal
    • Old Mapler
    • 6th Anniversary Party Member
    • Family Comes First
    • Maple Lover
    • 2014 New Years Medal
    • Maple Bigwig
    • Halloweenster
    • Sengoku Party Quest Master
    • Cute Newbie
    • Magnificent Mapler
    • Mystic Gate Researcher (?)
    • Mystic Gate Master
    • Absolute Taste Grade 1 Chef Medal
    • Absolute Taste Grade 2 Chef Medal
    • Absolute Taste Grade 3 Chef Medal
    • Absolute Taste Grade 4 Chef Medal
    • Absolute Taste Grade 5 Chef Medal
    • Absolute Taste Grade 6 Chef Medal
    • Absolute Taste Grade 7 Chef Medal
    • Absolute Taste Grade 8 Chef Medal
    • Absolute Taste Grade 9 Chef Medal
    • Absolute Taste Grade 10 Chef Medal
    • Absolute Taste Grade Legendary Chef Medal
    • I Choose Cadena
    • I Choose Illium

    Transferrable within account Medals
    • Kouhai
    • Senpai
    • Sensei
    • Maple 3x MMO Champion

    Medals that registered before, but no longer register:
    • WORLD Pride
    • Mathematical!
    • Algebraic!

    Medals that were explicitly stated they do not register:
    • Floppy's Apprentice
    • Mini-game Master

    Medals that did not register before but got fixed at a later date:
    • A Giant Leap for Maple Kind
    • Absolute Ring
    • Halloween Candy Warden
    • Hieizan's Storyteller
    • Paint Slinger

    This may not be a full complete list, add on to this list.
  • maplestory discord!

    We have the MapleStory reddit discord.

  • Weekly Ban Data: 03/30/2017 - 04/05/2017

    AKradian wrote: »
    Arwoo wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    It's possible that Nexon has changed its policy in 4 months. But it's a lot more likely that they still haven't figured out a way to get around the character limit, and decided to just post the totals so they can have something to point to when saying "we ban thousands of hackers every week."

    Our team was open towards creating multiple posts due to the character limit to list the names of all the hackers.
    However, as stated in the original post, our policy change prevents us from releasing the names of all the characters that were banned to the public.

    Can you explain this new policy? How does it benefit the game, the community, or the company, to keep the character names secret?

    Nexon has indeed changed their policy regarding this (it's not just for MapleStory).

    Basically, bans are now between the affected player and Nexon only and not for the public to see. What happens to the player is also none of your business after you report someone.

    The reason why is because as a player it's not your duty to hunt the players you reported.
  • How Long takes to lvl from lvl 208/209 to 210?

    You can use an EXP calculator if you would like to.
  • Congratulations

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Is everything that occurs and involves the cash shop viewed as a conspiracy or something?

    Yes, Nexon purposely jammed all these NX sales and events before giving out the 100k MP for the World Record winners (which they will be giving out on the 15th). It's Nexon playing strategic, but the player's aren't dumb and can clearly see this.