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  • Changes I want to see in MapleStory

  • The Closure of Star Planet

    I would like to first start off by saying that this is my opinion and understanding based from my viewing.

    So why was Star Planet closed in the first place?
    Nexon says that the participation was not as high as they had hoped because less than 1% daily number of players accessed Star Planet. Nexon views Star Planet as a deserted place, which is a mistake (and I'll get back to that later).

    Now I believe another reason why Star Planet was closed is because the Reward Points was abused by hackers. If we take a look at the total Reward Points gain Nexon says that less than 5% was obtained in Star Planet. From this, we can see how big of an impact Star Planet Reward Points made on the game; less than 1% of the population made up close to 5% of total Reward Points.

    Nexon concludes that players were finding Maple Reward points from other sources more efficient to obtain.
    This is true. This was one reason why Star Planet was deserted but this doesn't justify to close it down. There are improvements that can be made to increase participation activity there.

    How is Nexon mistaken about Star Planet?
    Nexon views Star Planet as an additional source of Maple Reward points. Star Planet wasn't just a place for players to farm Reward Points but allowed others to visit each other from different servers. With the removal of Star Planet the interconnection of Maplers was also removed (Cross World Party Quest just isn't the same).

    Star Planet should have never been associated with Reward Points in the first place. Star Planet should be brought back but with the removal of reward points as the main reward. The way we obtain Reward Points should not be from mini games, but from actual gameplay in MapleStory. Players who enjoyed playing the mini games in Star Planet should have the incentive to continue to play them purely from that; the Star Planet mini games should be played because of enjoyment not because we are forced to in order to take advantage of additional Reward Points. This will clean the environment from all the hackers and afkers that we often see in mini games.

    What should Nexon do?
    Apart from removing the Reward Points as rewards from mini games in Star Planet and bringing it back, there are many reasons why it was deserted as it was. I believe the main issue was that you were no longer connected with your friends back in your main world. Alliance chat needs to function in star planet along with the ability to chat in alliance, guild, and buddy chat. Star Planet should be recognized as a hangout spot for Maplers, where players can come from all different worlds and meet up together and have the opportunity to play mini games with each other.

    What are your thoughts? Discuss.
  • [IMPORTANT] Water Wars Issues

    It's really not good that people are complaining about GMs in Live Chat accusing them for wrongdoing that was not done in actuality.
    Do they simply base a response for a ban based on what the ban message says? It appears as if they don't even look at the logs to find the actual cause of the issue.

    If this issue wasn't as widespread as it is, some innocent player would have most likely been forced to wait out the entire suspension. And this has in fact happened before.