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  • A case for Jett, Please reconsider it's removal!

    It's really sad and embarrassing that Nexon is so stingy with their dev time. If the problem is that the class is terrible and the overseas team doesn't have the budget to maintain it then KMS needs to take responsibility for Jett and import it. There's absolutely no excuse for deleting a class in a game where people invest literally > 1k hours to reach endgame. It's not like the overseas team went rogue and randomly decided to create a new class. All the overseas content was/is created by Nexon Korea's employees. If Jett was a KMS class they would never in a million years consider deleting it, but because they treat overseas players like second class citizens and our content like second class content they think they can just sweep content deletion under the rug instead of fixing things properly.
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Throwing my hat in the ring here

    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): NX Item
    Item name (English/Korean): Tania Cloak/Mercury Cloak
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link): https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/25191/cash-shop-update-for-september-13
    Image of item:
  • Adding an additional jump key to the keys list

    Most blaster players circumvent this by changing their key settings in such a way that jump sits between bobbing and weaving. You might use jump on D with bobbing on F and weaving on S for example. You can also edit your keybinds in the Windows registry or with your keyboard's software. I use the numpad for movement and have 0 rebound to alt so I can use it to jump with my right thumb but I can also jump using left alt.
  • DMT compensation is already a failure

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Eight days' notice for a dmt mulligan exclusive to reboot, instead of the usual "oh btw it's happening tomorrow" that accompanies every dmt announcement. Community response? "It's already a failure".

    Precious little wonder why nexon doesn't seem to put much effort into compensation beyond a set of pre-made boxes.

    Precious little wonder why the community response is "It's already a failure".

    EDIT: Even more so now that Nexon's cancelled it after the first hour and admitted it was a failure.
  • DMT compensation is already a failure

    GAMBlT wrote: »
    Once again, it is not Nexon's fault if people already used their cubes.

    On the topic of cube sales, it seems obvious to me that Nexon is moving towards not having unlimited cube sales and this really has nothing to do with the issue they are compensating us for (not having a playable DMT event). Whether or not you agree with not having unlimited cube sales is irrelevant.

    Has Nexon dropped the ball in the past with supposed code optimizations? Sure. But I think we should wait to comment on that after the event actually happens.

    Lastly, I can only assume that there is a specific reason why Nexon cannot make DMT 12 or 24 hours. Can't really comment on that, but at least they are trying to fix the issue and provide another chance at DMT instead of sweeping everything under the rug.

    They know players want an unlimited cube sale, they know players want longer duration dmt, and they know that reboot players aren't quitting to go to regular servers.

    Hosting a cube sale literally costs them nothing for reboot players and it guarantees a spike in cube sales for regular servers. Mind you, selling literally anything that already exists in the cash shop is printing money.

    There's literally no reason for them not to give players what they want other than severe incompetence or malice towards players. Based on past experience I'd day it's a combination of the two. It would actually be so easy to just be nice to players but Nexon demonstrates at every opportunity that they're committed to making decisions that are the complete opposite of what players want.

    Players want frenzy? Remove it, ban people for selling frenzy service. People want reasonable drop rate? Nerf drop rate repeatedly. People want more spawn? Nerf kishin. People hate 2pc meta? Make 3 pc meta. Jett and bt are the worst classes in the game but people still like them? Nerf them relentlessly. Star force too expensive and random? Increase star force cost. People like potable badges? Delete an entire area to get rid of potable badges. Meso rates too low? Increase them by ~5% while nerfing spawn rate by 50%. Fury totem too expensive? Create a worse version that's still too expensive.

    Like, why do they hate players so much?