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  • DMT compensation is already a failure

    Learning nothing from past experience, Anna has decided to have another series of hour long DMTs. I'll ignore the supposed code optimizations that will lead to further kanna and jett bans. This time there isn't a cube sale to accompany the dmt, players have already used their cubes and enhanced their gear, and players won't have much meso after the previous dmt/upcoming SF even this weekend. This dmt will perform better because there'll be fewer people cubing and overall people will be using fewer cubes.

    Nexon will see this 1/3rd cube usage DMT as a great success and move on to more important matters like nerfing non-kms classes, deleting reboot, and paying their customer support team to call legit players hackers.
  • Double Miracle Time Cube Package Limitation

    Nexon is so spiteful and malicious towards its Reboot player base that they're willing to sacrifice money, the only thing they care about, from cube sale profits in regular servers to discourage Reboot players. They'll either ignore this post entirely or lie about the reason they're doing it like they do with everything else. They're so obsessed with spiting their players at every opportunity that they even ban and lie about ban reasons for people selling frenzy service. Literal psychopaths.
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    These people are so incompetent it's embarrassing.
  • An Open Letter to Global Maplestory Management

    This post is excellent and I agree with it in its entirety. Double thanks for writing it in Korean. Guaranteed Nexon will ignore it though. 0% chance they'll respond.
  • The Familiar Revamp and Reboot


    Chris is absolutely right here. The issues, in order of importance, are:

    1. Familiar slot expansion coupons MUST be added to reboot
    2. Red familiar cards MUST be obtainable in reboot
    3. Familiar Breakthrough Cards MUST be obtainable in reboot
    4. Familiar drop rate should be increased.

    Users in reboot who have over 100 familiars are presented with a dilemma: Undo our hard work and get rid of the familiars we like so much to make room for new ones OR only ever be able to add 20 more familiars to our collection. Many users value familiars for the collecting aspect and without familiar slot expansion coupons the system will miss the point.

    The exclusion of red familiar cards and familiar breakthrough cards also puts meta players in a difficult position. Without red familiar cards we'll have to restart from scratch if we don't get the unique potential we're looking for. The problem will get even worse as we accumulate more familiars with good unique potentials since the number of potentials we'll want will decrease. Furthermore, we'll be working much harder for much weaker potentials because we won't have the familiar breakthrough cards necessary to obtain top tier potentials.

    Lastly, the drop rate of high level familiars should be increased. With the way the current system is now, players will be forced to enhance only the familiars with the highest drop rates (shroom, snail, blue snail, red snail, slime, orange mushroom, etc). It would be extremely unsatisfying to have the weakest and lowest level familiars be the best because they're the ones that can obtain the best potentials. I'd hate to see the first reboot black mage clear done with 6 of each color snail. It would look much better with Limina familiars.
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