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  • Familiar System Revamp 2020 Questions

    I'm yet another player who spends a considerable amount of time hunting familiars and monster cards (762/752 monster cards, 310 familiars, currently level 259 in Reboot).

    Right now the only way to know which monsters drop which items to look through the crusader codex. Monster cards that you've collected in the codex will display, among other useful information, the drops for those monsters. For certain items with extremely low drop rates such as the Daiwa Sword from Leader A, world boss familiars like Lyka, and instanced boss familiars like Lord Skeleton, this is the only way to verify the existence of their drops with absolute certainty.

    Will we see a new source of truth for drops to replace the codex?

    Secondly, in JMS there are many more monsters that drop familiars. Currently in GMS it is impossible to obtain familiars from Arcane River through drops. Familiars that do not drop from monsters MUST be obtained through the cash shop and are only obtainable on non-Reboot servers.

    Will all the monsters that drop familiars in JMS also drop familiars in GMS?
  • Blaze Wizard Orbital Flame Not Working as Intended

    Fixing this "bug" may be the first step to solving the blaze wizard exploit as a hacker class.
    Unfortunately it means BW is latency dependent

    Yeah BW should definitely not be latency dependent. It was fine for Korea where 10 ping is common and their net infrastructure is amazing, but on GMS where people are connecting from all over the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and anywhere else without a Maplestory server, it's just not a feasible solution. Even if we had perfect, global, light speed communication, it would still be 25 ping from Melbourne to Nexon's servers which is going to make blaze wizard malfunction anyway.
  • Blaze Wizard Orbital Flame Not Working as Intended

    Bug Type: Functionality, Gameplay

    Brief Bug Summary: Blaze Wizard's Orbital Flame projectiles desynchronize with character animations and are not being cast as quickly as intended.

    More Details: In the Legion Raid as well as in KMS, Orbital Flame projectiles are synchronized with the character's attack animation. In GMS, Orbital Flame's projectiles will not synchronize with the character's animations. Projectile creation is staggered unlike in KMS and the rate at which projectiles are created is far lower than intended. Movement of already created projectiles behaves as intended.

    Steps to Reproduce:

    Connect to a GMS server from a home internet connection. Higher latency will produce more dramatic effects so connecting from a location further away from the server you are connecting to will make reproduction easier, likewise, connecting while the server is experiencing a high volume of traffic will produce a more dramatic effect.

    With all four version of Orbital Flame at their respective max levels, assign Orbital Flame to a key. Stand on the ground and hold down the skill key to allow multiple Orbital Flames to be cast.

    A successful reproduction of this bug will look like this:

    This is an example of the desynchronization that happens in GMS. The projectiles are created inconsistently and unpredictably which results in a staggered stream of projectiles that is not continuous.

    If working as intended, Orbital Flame will look like this:

    At 13 seconds, the Blaze Wizard is standing on the ground casting Orbital Flame. The projectiles are created quickly and consistently. They will be created in a predictable and continuous stream until the skill key is released. Notice that there is no staggering in the creation of the projectiles. This is the same functionality that can be observed by a Blaze Wizard that is assisting your current character in the Legion Raid.

    Character Name: Blazememe420
    Character Level: 207
    Character Job: Blaze Wizard
    World Name: Reboot
    Date and Time of Incident: 8/15/2017 and since the creation of my character.