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  • When is Same-gender Marriage finally happening?

    As I've posted for other people on this...

    GMS does NOT control the core systems and content of the game. KMS, the originators of all content, are the people you need to ask, so this poll is pointless and any legal standings are invalidated by the fact that KMS is the one's who are or aren't acting on this. The GMS, Nexon America, publishers are that... publishers. They have some coders to fix bugs and resubmit them to KMS's bug tracking service and code base, but KMS is the entity that changes all the code in the game and allows whatever content they feel is part of the game. You want this to happen, ask Nexon Korea.
  • When is Same-gender Marriage finally happening?

    The values and norms of Korea are reflected in the game. Since Nexon America is only publishing and translating the game as well as overall maintenance, we have no say here in the USA. Nexon America answers to Nexon Korea. If you want change, you're asking the wrong company.
  • [Suggestion] Speed up the log-in server.

    The login server, even here in central California (Tulare-Visalia area), which is not that far from El Segundo, CA down south, I've been getting, even with Comcast Broadband (speed is rated from Ookla at 72.76MB down and 5.86MB up with 18ms ping using Burbank, CA Sprint server for best possible comparison), an estimated time frame of at least 4-6 minutes from launching the MapleStory.exe until I can actually get into the game itself. The initial login phase takes at least 3-4 minutes whereas the PIN login stage takes only about 1-2.
  • Zero Class

    Even with free high level gear, the problem of the user is still at play here. Gear is only limited in ability of play-style and learning the class ins and outs.

    You can have great gear and still play average at best.

    I wouldn't mind Zero on Reboot if it would help bring more people in. Trades are blocked on Reboot anyway, so there's no reason to worry about gear and other issues surrounding it.
  • Event to get Vintage skills

    I would prefer to have the classic White Knight and Paladin, Ice, Fire, Thunder, and Holy charges returned along with Charged Blow and Advanced Charged Blow.

    Ice/Freeze used to stop monsters 100% completely if they were vulnerable to status attacks and ice damage, Fire/Flame did damage over time in later reworks, Holy/Divine sealed monster attacks, and Thunder/Lightning was an extra damage buff. Charged Blow stunned with 90% chance, and Advanced Charged Blow gave the ability to keep the Charge active and added extra damage and hits.