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  • [Request and Suggestion] Linux+Proton support

    By version 250 this needs to be officially addressed, and shouldn't be ignored by the GMS localization team, the KMS developers, and the Nexon Corp leadership.

    Will the kernelspace anticheat system that Nexon uses be patched to support the win32api layer that is Valve's Proton? We know already MapleStory can install under Wine or Proton using Steam client but the anticheat refuses to let the game operate. While anyone can make the excuse "but cheaters..." or "nobody plays games on Linux..." these are completely moot points with no basis in reality. Cheaters still cheat, and hackers still hack. Switching the anticheat from kernelspace to userspace isn't going to do anything significant other than add a platform for gameplay only. This has been proven with other games enabling support for Proton/Wine. SteamDeck is becoming a viable gaming alternative platform to many people and supporting a growing platform helps everyone.

    Supporting Linux and Proton also invites the aspect of more players, and more players purchasing Nx, and more Nx being spent giving Nexon a new income source, small as it may be at first, but a small source that can grow.

    This needs to be addressed by the Nexon Corp leadership, developers, and everyone else who has some type of say in the direction of KMS and GMS since they're pretty much in lockstep.

  • A case for Jett, Please reconsider it's removal!

    They should replace Jett with Ayame in character creation to give us the last member of the Sengoku team at least.

    I actually didn't mind Jett as a character, but they should at least let us keep existing Jett characters.
  • Update DirectX from 9.0 to 11 specification

    It would be helpful if the DirectX specification used by MapleStory was updated to at least DirectX 11.

    Not only would MapleStory be able to natively support higher resolution rendering, but it would also gain functions introduced in DX11 such as Borderless Full Screen Windowed Mode, and the ability to draw natively at 1080p or higher resolutions like 1440p(2k) and 2160p(4k) even if the 1080p resolution was simply scaled to fit, or gained native GPU rescaling via Nvidia DLSS and AMD Radeon Super Resolution.

    This change would benefit various people such as users of Intel graphics since Intel will be dropping native acceleration of DX9 in their upcoming ARC GPUs in favor of D3D9OnDX12, as well as livestreaming which has issues with D3D9's Fullscreen resolution system which causes extended monitors to incorrectly be scaled and resized limiting functionality of streaming software, and also because most GPUs currently in circulation, even according to Steam's GPU survey system, support at minimum DirectX 11.

    One editable compromise would be to remove the DirectX 9 Fullscreen Locking system that auto-rescales multi-monitor displays incorrectly along with the main gameplay screen.
  • When is Same-gender Marriage finally happening?

    As I've posted for other people on this...

    GMS does NOT control the core systems and content of the game. KMS, the originators of all content, are the people you need to ask, so this poll is pointless and any legal standings are invalidated by the fact that KMS is the one's who are or aren't acting on this. The GMS, Nexon America, publishers are that... publishers. They have some coders to fix bugs and resubmit them to KMS's bug tracking service and code base, but KMS is the entity that changes all the code in the game and allows whatever content they feel is part of the game. You want this to happen, ask Nexon Korea.
  • When is Same-gender Marriage finally happening?

    The values and norms of Korea are reflected in the game. Since Nexon America is only publishing and translating the game as well as overall maintenance, we have no say here in the USA. Nexon America answers to Nexon Korea. If you want change, you're asking the wrong company.