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  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    B4 is bad enough with the conveyor+laser+recycler...

    After 25 attempts and nearly wanting to break my $150 keyboard, I quit.

    Sorry, but I don't need to break my stuff out if rage when the developers go overboard with difficulty levels because they feels they can or need to.

    I got a good heart from doing Gollux area and I have my Dr. Jang Android... I don't need this. Plus I have ADHD and have a very lower tolerance for horsecrap.
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  • I have a cool update idea. What about you :O?

    Chaos Bob The Snail...

    1,000,000,000,000,000 HP
    Movement Speed: 255
    Jump Ability: 255
    Attack Power: Auto 1 damage 100% of the time
    Defense Power: 0
    Defense Rate: 99%
    Magic Defense: 0
    Magic Defense Rate: 99%
    Immune: Physical, all elements, all status at 99%
    Attacks: Weaken, Slow, Poison, Disable Potion, Disable Skill, Seduce, Super Armor, Block Physical and Magic, Damage Reflect (1000%), 1/1 Attack every 5 seconds, Darkness, Roulette Death (randomly kills one person in the raid every minute that passes), Meganuke (if any player looses all 5 lives Bob explodes in a nuclear blast killing everyone and ending the battle without rewards)

    Time Limit: 1 Hour
    Lives: 5

    Drops/Rewards: Gold Meso Bag (limit one per person with 1 billion mesos), hyper storm growth potion (limit one per character auto level up good till 250), and 1 any item coupon (limit 1 per character) with all items awarded after the battle.

    Apparently Bob took a sip of an Energy Drink someone dropped in the field (probably one from Neo City 2227), and now is out of control racing around Henesys at warp speed. Chief Stan's solution? Stop Bob before he explodes. Wait, explode? Well apparently that Energy Drink had some weird unknown nuclear fuel in it and now Bob is in danger of exploding, and leveling the town. Help Bob out by burning off his energy and he might be nice enough to reward you generously. But you better hurry. In one hour.. KABOOM!
  • I have a cool update idea. What about you :O?

    That's why it's interesting. What would happen if the GMs were attacked by an enemy and rendered powerless? Would the Maplers defend their own game from destruction?
  • I have a cool update idea. What about you :O?

    I had an idea involving ghoulish monsters attacking Nexon HQ and the Maplers having to cross into the real world to save the Nexon HQ building and GMs as well as the orbiting broadcast satellite from a H.P. Lovecraft inspired threat before MapleStory is pulled offline.
  • Emergency Maintenance: 5/11/2017

    They reset the server to a previous state along with user data so you lose anything you gained after that point, and you don't get it back.