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June 5, 1999
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Just a guy that likes maple =3
  • New class idea/character

    I want a straight up water mage. Not Tb, which is okay, but it doesn't have what a water mage could do. I feel like there so much that water can be used to do, and Tb hasn't quite done it justice.
  • Constant mechanic crashes

    HalbBlut wrote: »
    Sanctity wrote: »
    I can't play my mechanic.
    I keep getting disconnected all the time.
    As soon as I start killing mobs I get disconnected and I end up in the server selection screen.

    Just dont use Rock N Shock, that's generally it- if you are still disconnecting then it is just because it is the weekend and servers are taxed.

    Well, the issue for me is that it isn't limited to rock'n'shock, other bots can reliably disconnect me also. I can answer this very similarly to Neo's post, if it was just because the servers were taxed, I would be disconnecting on other characters too.
  • Constant mechanic crashes

    Character Name: SncMechFury
    Level:143 (atm)
    Server: MYBCKN (Chaos)
    Date and Time: 8:54 MTN (It's an hour ahead of PST)
    Description: I'm honestly not sure if any other people are experiencing this, but when I play my mechanic, my connection suddenly gets really bad. If I summon too many bots, I'll DC, if I use any large scale attacks I DC, sometimes if I'm idle, or not moving for too long then I'll DC as well. It's very frequent, and It's getting hard to level up at this point. I'd almost say that it happens once, if not multiple times, every 3~5 minutes.
  • BaM hyper "Party Shield - Persist" does nothing

    To correct this thread, the the hyper skill works correctly. The issue is that the visual effect disappears. I've honestly just gotten used to it, seeing as I reported this a few years ago in the MLC. Little good that did.

    I've tested it in bosses like Arkarium, the effect was still there after the shield visibly disappeared.