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June 5, 1999
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A smile is a gift you can give everyday
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Just a guy that likes maple =3
  • Cadena and Illium Level 200 Rewards Event question

    You all do realize you're only getting 1 unique scroll, right?

    " You may only receive one set of rewards from this event, depending on which tier you complete (rewards will be based on the highest tier completed)."
  • It's time for a change.

    I feel like I just read a flyer for my next city council election.

    Jokes aside, you can't expect there to be just one team that deals with all the issues in maple, right? There's multiple teams to deal with different issues.

    Look at Maple like a cracked mirror, yes it's important to take care of the big cracks quickly, but if you don't deal with the numerous little cracks, the mirror's going to break regardless. It's called quality of life for a reason. Just because there are more pressing matters to deal with, doesn't mean that other suggestions or issues shouldn't be brought to light.

    I'm not saying that these large issues shouldn't be treated as such, but the solutions aren't as easy as you're letting on. Also, the censor is not used for the purpose you want it to be. The censor is for profanity or other inappropriate terms. It's not something to try to fight meso sellers with. Not to mention that most bots don't advertise like in your example.

    The point is, these issues that you, and others have brought up don't have easy solutions. But brushing aside all other issues to find said solutions is counterproductive.
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  • Raise Mesos Cap To 100B

    The AH update just hit the KMST servers, and it raises the cap to 30 bill.
  • Best Mobbing Class\Best Bossing?

    Luminous is a great mobber and a pretty good bosser.

    4th job Kinesis is really good at mobbing.

    Night Lords are great bossers

    Demon Slayers are also pretty good at mobbing and bossing.

    Wild Hunter's a great bosser, but it's really hard to fund.

    Dark Knight's also a pretty good bosser. It's mobbing is iffy until 5th job though.
  • Nova Microsite?

    Sherri wrote: »
    Still only four for me too. If anything, the constant spam on my Twitter feed is making people mad.
    IDC. Free stuff for me. :)

    You don't actually have to share it. Just click the share button and it completes it without you actually having to share anything.