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  • Let Anyone Gift a Crush Ring Regardless of Gender

    Yea, wth Nexon. Why the gender lock?
    "Oh no two dudes with a heart between them!" Does the thought of same gender couples scare you?
    I thought we were done with the gender locked items. Hell the planetarium one is a some galaxies and stars. Oh snap! Too extreme for same couple!
    What if the person is a girl in real and just chose a male avatar or vice versa? Will it blow your mind? What then, Nexon?
    You were so close, you had it in the news then you changed it. Why? Who hurt you Nexon?
  • World Transfer Coupons

    Since you guys don't want to do world transfer events how about just the coupons then? Back long ago when you could change worlds. Not that many people going to pay to move 40 characters. You could even limit the number buyable or have like a cs sale of them for 2 weeks or something. It'll be money in your pockets and make a few people happy that just have like 1 or 2 characters stuck on a wrong world.
  • No more permanent pets?

    I'm down for this. Use to be the 90 day pets gave stats and get three for a set bonus then perm pets were just perm. There was a nice trade off. For people that don't care to min/max it'd be cool to just have perm pet option back every now and then.
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread


    How about we get some of these guys back eh?
  • World Leap event?

    "Even if Maplestory is highly P2W, there's a limit to how deep it can sink in before it becomes garbage"

    The Cafe event has a battlepass in it.
    Also not saying like 50k to move a character. 5-10 should be enough to prevent masses from moving but those really wanting to to be able to. Sure you couldnt move like 40 chars but you could move your mains if you really wanted to.

    "What about:
    -Aurora,Scania,Eylsium have the choice to swap to Bera
    -Bera has the choice to swap to A/S/E"

    This doesnt stop all of Bera moving to a new world and having one with even more people on it. You could set up a cap limit on each world and then let people know ahead of time about what the cap is. Cap how many characters per person and cap how many characters per world can enter. Just be upfront and clear about the numbers so people know.