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  • Change Royal Style Coupons Aight aight so Nexon is completely cool with crossdressing, but not same sex couples. Nexon. Smh
  • Aighty tighty dude here's my problem with this. -I feel like MS crashes too much for this to be a thing. Imagine if you crash and the rest clear so now you miss out. - 20x the hp you're just making the first even longer so it's not really saving …
  • I guess just going to remake my character as a girl. Are you happy now, Nexon? I'm playing as a girl cause of you now. Is this what you wanted? Will this satisfy your strange desires? *cries in the shower* I'm just a boy, playing as a girl to …
  • Yea, wth Nexon. Why the gender lock? "Oh no two dudes with a heart between them!" Does the thought of same gender couples scare you? I thought we were done with the gender locked items. Hell the planetarium one is a some galaxies and stars. Oh…
  • Staff isn't going to comment cause they know I make too much sense. -hair flip- Mmmm yea.
  • "which u can balance all classes" This isn't as easy as you think. Two things here tho. First off just cause adele and such are on the top of the list for dps charts that doesnt mean other classes are weak. It's not 1-100 it's more like 80-100…
  • I know staff has been on forums to talked about why they don't want to do another WTE but they never said why GMS is against the coupons. Would be snazzy to get some insight to their problem on this.
  • Aight for some reason people I know can't post on this form. Wonderful.
  • " Being a GMS (Taiwan too) only class" This right here man. Abandoned hope all who play it. Wished I realized that before I tried to main it. GMS staff don't have the tools to fix things.
  • So it really just seems like you want "- EXP + DROP + MESO +30 until 50% for 2 extra minutes max (10 min now based from previous job) for everyone in party in whole map." this skill. Whats the cool down tho? 10mins so assuming what 10min cd? 30m…
  • Why does each of your characters join a guild? I just have my main and maybe like a side Im leveling up. If its for guild skills most people just use them for bossing. You boss on all your characters?
  • With all the hair styles they definitely need to update the hairstyles more often esp since you cant go to certain towns like in the past. My problem isnt that royal is random its that there always seems to be 3 hairstyles that are the same just wi…
  • I get why the dont if they are equips tho. If it helps I think they are changing it so where if you don't have the cash to enhance a fully leveled arcane then you can still place more on top of it you just wont get the extra arcane force. So itll …
  • I'm down for this. Use to be the 90 day pets gave stats and get three for a set bonus then perm pets were just perm. There was a nice trade off. For people that don't care to min/max it'd be cool to just have perm pet option back every now and th…
  • The ITEMS expire. No more items, no more set effect.
  • The Chuchu set gets removed around August. Guessing depending on when you claim it. So it's not permanent and you can't extend the time on it. So 3 more months and the set is gone. I really only use that set when bossing or gpq as I can train wi…
  • I love the idea of being able to turn off and on exp coupons. Honks to use a 12 hour one then some happens any barely get to use it. Two major things stopping this tho. 1: Nexon would lose money cause people would be able to hang on to exp coupon…
  • MapleSapo wrote: » Just wondering, why marriage is so important today? I remember many years ago people did Amoria PQ for good prizes like apples, but I never see anyone doing these things today. What is the point of getting married in Maple today…
  • It's been said before that cause Nexon is Korea and they don't allow same-sex marriage the changes are pretty low for same sex marriage in game. You can cross-dress and april fools hairs/faces. Seems like an easy change but you'd have to convince …
  • The only thing is a bigger range and it reduces the cool down of Final Cut by 20%. Lingering would be nice tho yea like Phantom's.