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  • Frankenbalrog

    Let us at least use skills, than we got a shot on killing over a very long extended time.

    Cause right now, when using normal attacks, you just run out of time and it will despawn.
  • Weekly Ban Data: 03/30/2017 - 04/05/2017

    I also would really like to see a breakdown by world, there so many hackers since migration in Luna not getting banned it's out of proportion and they have infected the economy in a very bad way.

    Also there is a certain advertiser who smega's everyday and still walking around. This person has been reported by many players and still walks around, making me wonder if they ever patrol on Luna at all, which most of us doubt as long this person is still smega-ing everyday selling its mesos.
  • Please bring back Herb & Mining Core to Evo Lab

    It would be nice these cores would drop again for extra mineral, herb drop %. I'm still farming regular in Evo and its slightly better than flower farming with a swift rake, but mostly cause i have some good leftover cores, but if I wanna go Evo on a new char I won't have any usefull cores to use :-(.

    The following cores I would like to see readded to Evo either by shop or as drop:
    - Drop % (high % as drop, low % in shop)
    - Ore drop % (high % as drop, low % in shop)
    - Herb drop % (high % as drop, low % in shop)
    - Juniper Berry (or any other herbs you want to farm in shop)
    - Black crystal (or any other ore you want to farm in shop)

    Also It would be nice if the Evo shop gets an update and would at least add Spell Traces and Advanced Equip Enhancement scrolls and maybe some other stuff like trait boost or honor exp boost items to exchange your coins for (like we had in the past in Luna, before migration)

    The system has been nerfed and limited enough, so let's make Evo great again!
  • Forum changes, rant and raves section moved

    I would like to adress the current forum changes being made. I think the Rant and Raves section is the perfect place to post about it. I've seen it got moved to the child categorie of off-topic. I would like to make a couple remarks about this, 90% of Rants were maple related and therefore it isn't off-topic. Another point I would like to highlight is that child categories doesn't work well on this forum and will decrease the forum visiblity.

    If you really wanna improve the forum than there is a section where you can start, the Maple Classified section.
    First of all I think its a bad name for this section, guild and market stuff is not really classified stuff at all.
    Second I think guild topics need to split up from the market section, all the guild recruitment are very poorly visible.
    Thirdly you could even consider splitting them up per server. So a new player who joins a server can easily find potential guilds he likes to join or an item on the market he or she would like to buy.

    I could keep ranting on for hours and hours, but let's start improving the forums in the correct way, taking visibility as main factor for improvement!
  • Yonax Youtube Videos

    Made a video showcasing Shade / Eunwol's 5th job skill - Fox Spirit:

    Enjoy, and you can expect soon more 5th job skill previews!