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  • merging of paid servers

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    But none of this matters to you, because you don't think of anything but "I wish I didn't miss my chance to move to bera too" or "I wish elysium/aurora wasn't so dead".

    I seem to have been right. Guess I'll take my leave of this thread then and let it ultimately sink down into the depths where every single "merge everything into one server" suggestion has gone.

    MapleStory is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
    Food wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    Optimize player experience by making everyone suffer lag, crowding, ks'ing, and spam together?
    No, thank you.

    This. Says. All.
    Tbh, I would rather have another World Leap event than a big server merge.

    Biggest joke is that Elysium is more laggy than Bera atm even with much less population.

    Also MapleStory is a free-to-play, 2D, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
  • Lack of Maplers in All Servers

    It’s been awhile since I stopped playing MapleStory. I logged into MapleStory the other day and I noticed a lack of players in a lot of servers except Scalia and a few other servers. Is it because of MapleStory 2? Or, a lot of players quit playing MapleStory?

    Currently, the most active worlds are Bera and Reboot. (active as of these days)

    A lot of people has been screaming for a merge/ally, since even Bera is very empty today.
    Of course there's a very very small group of people who doesn't want it to happen, and they'd even fight so it won't happen.

    But the majority of maplers (probably 95%) definitely wants a merge/ally, and I'm pretty sure you're 1 of them as well, because who want to play in an empty server alone...

    Also keep in mind that this game is an MMPORG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game)

    "Massively Multiplayer" means that we must, MUST! have as many people as possible, and it also means that, it'd make no sense at all if we'd have an empty servers...

    Again, it makes no sense at all because the game itself is an Massively Multiplayer....
    But then again, there'd be always those very few people who would go against it by saying that they like to be alone when nobody bother them, etc, which is again, not our fault at all, because this game itself must be an Massively Multiplayer, so basically, if anyone like an empty server and don't want merge/ally so we'd finally have a big server with as many people as possible then this is absolutely his problem.
  • world leap event

    Is that still a thing?, i recently got back to maple, and i would like to move my main from windia to bera if possible D:

    I feel you man, I'm also stuck in Scania with my 2nd main.
    But this is impossible to move our characters to Bera.
    You're not the first, nor the 2nd, nor the 1000th person that asking for this kind of thing but the answer was always No.
    So we can just continue dreaming about it until... who knows, maybe in a year, or two years, or 3 years, if at all, lol.

    For some reason, Nexon, no matter how much we want, and how many ppl are asking for this, they just will NEVER EVER give us this kind of option, to move our chars.
  • I'm so disappointed... Too Many Hackers Reach 250!

    I don't think I'm the only one who finds it unbelievable unfair...
    Recently, I see more and more people who hacked their way to level 250 in Henesys... (in Bera, especially in Henesys Market and Henesys Park, a LOT of level 250 hackers)

    Of course I don't have 100% proofs which prove that they're hackers (except some of them that actually told me they used hacks and told me the name of the hack they used in order to reach level 250 in 1-2 days) but tell me, when you see someone, he's almost completely naked, his farm name is Creating... (no pics) his fame is barely 20 or something like that and he has no guild, though some of them joined some random low-level guilds (because serious, big guilds won't accept them, in most of the cases at least).

    Also, I saw some hackers who are trying to get more and more fame (because they know that only level 250 hackers have such a low fame, and now 1 of those hackers has like 300 fame...

    As someone who reach level 250 legally, you have no idea how disappointed I am nexon, I mean, I know for a fact that now there are gonna be some kids who will do their best in order to prove that I'm wrong or I might be wrong, by saying things such as "I know some lvl 250 with low fame", or "they just sold their real clothes because they reached lvl 250", but really, I don't buy this kind of stuff, I wasn't born last night, in fact, no one was, I once saw a bunch of people talked with some lvl 250 hackers and they all talked about it in public... (in all chat), everyone know they hacked to 250...but it's just, no one care, but I do... I feel as if the only reason is that I've done it too but I worked way too hard for it... I'll never forget the pain, being online, training, 10+ hours a day... but now when I see those guys, easily lvl 250 in 1-2 days

    The last thing, I once played on another low-level char and I was hanging out with some of my friends in Henesys, and then 1 of those level 250 hackers showed up and talked with my other friend and he offered him to level up his char to 250 for 20$... -_- (Of course my friend said nty).

    To be honest, if I knew that this kind of thing would happen, I doubt I'd give my life to maple in order to reach lvl 250...

    Even though I'm a man, when I saw all those things, when a lot of people can just hit level 250 in 1-2 days while I worked so hard to earn it legally I seriously felt as if I wanna cry

    And now when even more people will know about them, I bet all those hackers are gonna change their farm names, put some pics, get more fame and better gear, tyrants, etc...

    And to AKradiam (or any other Moderator/GM), please do not close this thread, I understand you might not like this thread very much (because there's too much truth in it) but you have no right to just close any thread that you want, this is absolutely wrong.
  • Special Beauty Coupons Event Thread

    Since the last time of Special Beauty Coupons Event in 2017 on V Update(Champions) till now we didnt got that Event again and now it 2018 and it 1.5 Year passed then

    When will we getting the Special Beauty Coupons Event? i rly wants the Event to change the look of my last 6 new char

    Ty for help

    Give up.
    unfortunately, we won't get it anytime soon.

    No, we won't give up until we get it! T_T
    I need to get to my main a new look or else, if they won't bring this event back, I really am going to stay ugly on my main!