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  • Damienroid?

    According to Orange Mushroom, the android was released with the main 5th Job patch as a rare event reward. (Listed as Demianroid on the website.) Seems you'll have a bit of a wait if it is released the same, here.
  • DJ JM event

    Judging from the descriptions, you'd use them as extra entries for the MMF events starting tomorrow. The past week was a single, introductory event providing these tickets.
  • Maple server in Israel

    Regional versions are not produced simply to be separate from other regions. They come about due to easing production (less to manage), timing activity (production, maintenance, events, etc.), cultural differences to be accounted for (MapleStory Europe has alcohol-based events, whereas in the West these would be seen negatively for a game aimed at younger audiences), and so on. Furthermore, it is an immense undertaking to produce and manage a region of MapleStory. You would be subject to other regional branches and have to prove your existence is justified. As others have mentioned, regional versions isolate the players of that region to that regional version. This means the creation of your proposed server would prevent future players from joining players of the same region who have established themselves in the previously available regional version.

    The above difficulties should be considered thoroughly before making such proposals. As it stands, proposals should not be taken to the public forum. If you are still confident to make the attempt, I will point you to Business Development's email. They can more appropriately outline the understanding required for this sort of endeavor.