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  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    Ah yes, watch these videos and have perfect vision-finger coordination and good luck magically downloaded into your head.

    "But luck? What does luck have to do with anything? All you need is practice!" Lemme show you some things.

    Abject horror


    I got this while I was midway through the B4 laser conveyer belt. When I was first starting, this part was tough as fudge so I was pretty angry and then I was instilled with a fear this would happen again. It did but in different forms.

    The Opposite of Stealthy


    This gem I got most recently when I was almost at the end of B4, practically to the portal out when this piece of turd popped up in my face apropos to nothing.

    Wicked Hangnail


    This beaut was when I was fighting a guard past the steam conveyer in B1 the first time I cleared that thing and I broke open a box in the way. I was incandescent with rage.

    Skills is one thing but these are absolutely one of the stupidest things I've ever seen implemented. "How else can we screw over players? Oh yes! Put in these random pop-up things that they have no way of knowing will come or be able to prevent that forces them to start aaall the way to the beginning because obviously, we haven't made these things hard enough for most players already."

    Do you understand why I'm pissed?

    If you managed to go through this hell event with sanity intact, great, congratulations. But for the love of gawd, please stop shoving videos into people's faces like it's somehow the answer to the fundamental problem of this bug-filled piece of turd event. They're meant to be guides, not something that could somehow make this event any less bulldump for people who aren't as good as you in this/have time to humor this.
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    Triforce wrote: »
    I was stuck in there for 15 hrs +(lol!) and was about to give up.

    Does no one see anything wrong with this? There's something seriously wrong with your content if it's forcing players to stay logged on for that long trying to complete it and fearing progress loss.
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    Oh, you think B4 is bad do you? Wait til you get the load of horsedung that is B1. You got past the hardest part, conveyor belt with steam and you're home free right? Well sorry, you gotta effing BACKTRACK ALL THE WAY TO THE BEGINNING. This event is so full of sh3t that it's unbelievable. Plus these random "breakdowns" from the androids that forces you to go back to the beginning. I got past the steam conveyor the first time and guess what? My android got pain overload from a hangnail by hitting one of the boxes while I was taking down a guard and I had to go back to the beginning! Before that was when the android saw the disassembly line. You can never know wth is going to trigger your android. That's it. I'm done. I'm done with this horsedung event. I. Am. Done.

    Listen, I get that these androids and these hearts are coveted, but there's a difference between challenging and making things unnecessarily frustrating.
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  • Peplock's hidden Henesys portal

    Ah, I see. Thank you very much!
  • Nexon changing Donald

    AKradian wrote: »
    chooz wrote: »
    Why did they even replace Duey?

    Because hackers were able to use him for nefarious purposes.

    No but why'd they have to replace the NPC? Couldn't they have just changed Duey's functionality to what Donald (the package guy) is doing now?