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  • Returning player!

    Pretty much still empty-your-wallet-to-be-able-to-dish-max-damage. Maple's been called pay2win to drive that point home.

    Leveling's gotten a lot easier and it's about to get even easier still with the next update which decreases the amount of exp you need to get to 200.
  • How Far have you gone for Maplestory?

    When I first started playing Maplestory back when I was a wee little one, we only had the family computer. I was allowed to use it to play games on flash sites like addictinggames.com and Cartoonnetwork.com, but I wasn't allowed to download anything.I saw an ad for Maplestory (which looked awesome). I told my dad it was free to play, and asked if I could try it. He was very particular about his computer, and gave me a very firm no.
    A day or so later of researching and watching youtube videos, I was absolutely convinced the game was going to be sweet. So one day while I was home, 'sick' from school, I downloaded it. It took about an hour back then on low quality internet/computers. I made an email account (also was not allowed to do) specifically to register and play. I hid a piece of paper in my room with my login info where my parents wouldn't find it. I played it until about an hour before my parents were supposed to be home, and I was hooked. So what would any logical child do?
    Uninstall the game, and re-install it every time I happened to be 'sick' (which I was 'sick' a lot that week haha). This went on for a little over a week until one day my dad came home for lunch and I was hard-focused on Kerning PQ runs and didn't hear him. He comes downstairs and says hi, and I turn around. There was about 10 seconds of us both just frozen, processing individually. Me, that I was screwed, him, figuring out what the hell I was doing.
    I ended up being grounded for a week, and Maplestory removed and warned not to re-install. After that week though, I asked him nicely if I could show him the website and some videos. When he deemed it safe to download, I showed him around the game and asked if I could keep playing. He decided that if I liked it that much to break the rules just to play it, I must really enjoy it. So he let me keep it. And I've been a Mapler ever since :)
    This is a great story!
  • How Far have you gone for Maplestory?

    I'm pretty vanilla so... nothing. Maybe the worst thing I did/furthest I ever went for this game was when I first asked my dad for money to buy pixels, haha.
    Well, I'm still 17 and ending my years of high school, but I still have a lot of stuff I've done for MapleStory. Though the most risky play that I've done, or technically am doing right now, is taking my computer to school and playing during the uninteresting classes like history. And I'm maining a Mercedes right now, so it's a lot of button pressing. I don't know how I haven't been sent to the principal yet, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Teacher probably thinks you're just typing, hahaha.
  • Just noticed this about the Fever notice

    Wait what do you mean boosted? there's not boost for em, not even deligence increase the chance % in this kind of scroll.
    What he's talking about is the Innocence Scroll and Pure Clean Slate Scroll at the very bottom of the list of scrolls in the Scroll tab of the Equip Enhance window.
  • Server Time still in UTC?

    The poll doesn't mention anything along the lines of "we will change the timezone to whatever option wins", so it can be taken as a public opinion poll meant to gather some data. Nothing I can possibly type can express how ridiculous of a change I think this was, especially how it was just dropped on us during a patch notes revision. But whatever, they did it, and now we have to #dealwithit because... well because. And now that we have a 2x coming up we can see what they decided to do with that... "Pacific: 12:00 AM – 3:00 AM & 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM & 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM" three periods of 3 hrs instead of 2 periods of 4 hrs. So yeah, if you're gonna buy a 2x cash shop coupon for the event, then be prepared to only get 3 hrs of the combined exp boost. On the bright side, the 1 day coupon becomes slightly more valuable, but then again, how many of us are really open for all 2x periods with that large time spread? I, for one, can pretty much never hit up the 12am-3am one nowadays, and might be able to make use of the final 40-30 minutes of 10am-1pm depending on my work schedule, which leaves 6pm-9pm mostly open for me, but its also during dinner, so theres an interruption there.

    And if you're gonna talk about the poll results you might as well combine the lines "change back to pst" and "change back to pst, use cet for europe server" because both of them ask for pst back for the NA servers. So its more like 73% of votes for pst back.
    This thread is slightly different in that it's not asking to change the standard time to something else, just a thread expressing disbelief that UTC is still a thing.

    So if they didn't open that poll to gather player opinions in order to consider change, what the hell are they using that data for? Purely to see how many players they've screwed over? To see just how many people they've pissed off? Maybe it's because I have a small brain, but I cannot think of any conceivable reason why you would put up this poll if you're not even going to change anything. It just misleads people.