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Hello I'm ClawStaff


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December 18, 1995
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I like to play RPGs and like to look cool in them, by resembling characters.
  • So not gonna d/c ban these people?

    That's why they talk to people suspected of doing that, because if they really are weighing it down and are afk, they won't be able to respond to the GM. The thing is though, that a GM has to actually be there talking to them to get them banned (because otherwise there's no way to know for certain they actually were weighing the key down just from a video or image). Unfortunately the GM has to have been investigating them while they were doing it to really know if they should be banned.
  • ''You have a new message'' keeps popping up

    The last post of this was from a few years ago (and this is still happening). They probably didn't want to necro a thread from years ago.
  • Does anyone like the new UI?

    What a stupid decision.

    Anyway OT I don't like it that much, but mostly because its new and stuff looks different. I'm sure in a few weeks we will prefer this new UI to the old one
    Yet again gamechanger strikes with not liking a change to the game. What are you?

  • Q: is the quest "Dragon Link Practice" bugged?

    Ah I guess it applies to any new Kaiser then, that the spot is still being taken by the reboot buff, just that it's obviously removed on non-reboot, so absolutely nothing's there, rather than an accidental replacement.
  • Q: is the quest "Dragon Link Practice" bugged?

      Are you in Reboot? If so the problem is Nexon accidentally replaced dragon link with the Reboot buff, instead of adding it separately.

      I have a non-reboot Kaiiser and noticed the skill is in the exact same spot as the reboot buff.

    Here's a GM's response so far:

      "I understand that you are having issue with the Kaiser's Dragon Link skill that's missing. For this matter, I have forwarded this report to our game team for further investigation. As we speak, the issue is currently being investigated. Please understand that the process for identifying and determining a solution can take some time. However, I assure you that it will be looked into, so please be patient."

    (On another note typing "(&)nbsp;" without the parenthesis or quotes before a paragraph will add a space before text, because it's an invisible character in html)