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Hello I'm ClawStaff


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December 18, 1995
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I like to play RPGs and like to look cool in them, by resembling characters.
  • Q: is the quest "Dragon Link Practice" bugged?

    Ah I guess it applies to any new Kaiser then, that the spot is still being taken by the reboot buff, just that it's obviously removed on non-reboot, so absolutely nothing's there, rather than an accidental replacement.
  • Q: is the quest "Dragon Link Practice" bugged?

      Are you in Reboot? If so the problem is Nexon accidentally replaced dragon link with the Reboot buff, instead of adding it separately.

      I have a non-reboot Kaiiser and noticed the skill is in the exact same spot as the reboot buff.

    Here's a GM's response so far:

      "I understand that you are having issue with the Kaiser's Dragon Link skill that's missing. For this matter, I have forwarded this report to our game team for further investigation. As we speak, the issue is currently being investigated. Please understand that the process for identifying and determining a solution can take some time. However, I assure you that it will be looked into, so please be patient."

    (On another note typing "(&)nbsp;" without the parenthesis or quotes before a paragraph will add a space before text, because it's an invisible character in html)
  • Can't find anything resulting to guilds

    I own a guild (Cygnus) in Reboot, I got a couple less experienced people (One from not playing in a while, one new person). If you're interested just apply to the guild. I have off for thanksgiving, so I'll probably be on more than usual this week, and be able to accept you.

    I don't really use my Guild leader account much anymore, but the Shade I play is Jr. Master so can accept people.
  • New Nexon game that is F2P friendly!

    Wow are we building the Great Wall of China with text?
  • Best Suggestion Ever! : LIVE PLAYER COUNT

    If at any point the player count is extremely low, it could discourage new, or returning players to play the game. So while the idea is alright, there are negative side-effects this can cause.