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A young maiden travelling Maple World with my dear twin zeroes.
  • Allow World Leap into Windia

    Supported. Maple has become much more quiet in the past months. So many of my friends and guildies are on a long break or have quit the game, so it'll be great to allow maplers to migrate to Windia. I also have a few characters that I would really like to transfer here.
  • Beast Tamer ear and tail cover

    Or a better idea is to give us the option of not having them at all upon creation like the face markings. I'll gladly remake my BT just to be rid of them; I never wanted the ears/tail in the first place since they look weird with the hairstyle have.
  • Mini Chicken pet request

    I'm a huge fan of chickens and have 4 pets of my own so I would really like to request the Mini Chicken to be released, but in a package of 3 please. This chicken would be perfect for those who like birds and want a small, clutter free pet around their character.
    However, would it be possible to include colours other than white? It would be wonderful to have a wider variation since we already have a white Yodelling Hen (which is actually a rooster because of the fancy tail) and the yellow coloured Golden Chicken. Below is a recolour I've played around with to view a few possibilities (white, black, brown, buff). I wasn't happy with the blue outline and red tail so I changed it to look more realistic. Another option is to have a special mix dye coupon to achieve more colours like light grey, dark grey, dark brown, orange, maroon, etc.
    Just one major plea... PLEASE DON'T RELEASE HER WITH A RED TAIL. ;~; It looks like damaged skin or a bloody wound from over-plucked tail feathers. A hen's tail should be the same colour as the rest of her body. It can't be a rooster because the pet equip is an egg and I doubt there are any breeds with a red tail. I don't mind if this takes a couple more months to see ingame; I just want a colourful flock of uninjured chickens.

    Please support! I know multiple maplers who dress up like chickens and own the Yodelling Hen pet, so it's not just me who's interested.
  • White Hair Color

    I remember suggesting a HSL option last year but it didn't get as much attention as I hoped. :c

    About having each hairstyle in a saturated colour, do you still mean a single specific hue for all styles? My main hair is a dulled teal/turquoise mix and not many styles are available in it, so I would be pretty upset to lose that colour and not be able to obtain a similar ones in future royals. There are some very unique colours in the game so those who have them from specific styles won't appreciate a change. Warmth/coolness is also a large factor which cannot always be altered with the mix dye coupon.
  • Kritias invasions and maintenance

    I doubt many people even bother with invasions (I play in Windia) for us to get compensation. Most of my friends haven't even done the questline. It would be great if it was on all day since invasions run 6pm-8am for me - most of that is bedtime. =/