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  • Please include a permanent option when buying pets

    I know I mentioned I don't need skills/scrolls/buffs but these are the ones I was thinking about. I play in normal servers btw.

    Seasonal pets released once a year seem to be permanent. But what about the non-holiday ones?


    What pet packages used to include:


    And this is what we have now compared to the crystal rudolph. Same extras, VERY similar price but a temporary pet :c


    EDIT: perm 3 pet packages would also be really nice :3

  • Please include a permanent option when buying pets

    Basically the title ^
    I made this thread because pets I really want have only been coming out in a 90-day option.

    There's around 350 different pets in Maplestory (not counting the duplicates and name variations), so if you're looking for a specific one in a permanent option, that's a REALLY long wait time for it to be put in rotation. And you never know how long it takes for Nexon to read your request in the "Cash Shop Suggestions Thread".

    Permanent pets do get released in the cash shop, but they're mainly the old school ones whereas I would really like the new releases. I'm desperate for pets like the Sleepy/Dreamy/Dozy bunnies, Yellow Chick, Sanho/Nari/Bari foxes, the Orange, Flurblynk, and particularly the Ballet Lyn/Soldier Hong/Soldier Chun toys.

    90 day pets really aren't worth it as I have way too many characters that I don't play often enough to buy the water of life for. It would be really great to buy permanent pets which I can leave on mules so I don't have to stress about them expiring.

    I don't need any fancy pet skills and scrolls [and buffs], I just want permanent pets that won't die after 3 months of inactivity.

    Please consider this! It's disheartening to see weekly cash shop updates releasing new pets without a permanent option. :c
  • Ability to buy cash items outside of packages

    I'm hoping the price isn't going to be too inflated. :c

    I volunteer at an op shop where we get a lot of donations each day. The strategy my manager follows is not to price things too high so they get sold quicker and that we can put more stuff out as it's donated. The nicer items that come in are priced higher of course. If things are cheap, we get more customers and people are willing to buy more.
  • ★★ Allow Cash Items and RP to function like KMS ★★

    I just found this thread and the facts frustrate me. It's so unfair that gms players are the only ones to suffer. A lot of my friends and acquaintances are quitting because how p2w this game is and that there's not much to do anymore. Even I'm slowing down as I don't feel like working for anything ingame nowadays. I've stopped bossing because my friends don't go and I just don't have a use for my RP. I used to play star planet for hours to collect RP and then later moved onto bosses. The main thing I bought from the RP shop was the 1 day robo store but now that's gone...
  • Another VIP style has made it into royal faces

    Wisdom Glace for females is supposed to be a VIP style but has been put into the February 28 to March 13 royal rotation. I don't know what's going on but can this please be changed during the upcoming maintenance? This face can easily be obtained in Ludibrium via a face coupon (VIP), or at random with a face coupon (REG) at a cheaper price than royals.