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June 15, 1988
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Hieizan is Heaven
  • marvel and nexon...

    I agree that it's a bad idea for them to have Marvel now, since it can only be purchased
    with Prepaid NX, encouraging people to go outside in these dangerous times.

    If you want events that give useful items, just wait for March 25.
    Look for Goblin Full Moon Night Market Events in the patch notes.
  • Lotus prequest (Act 5) Bug

    Did you try regular weapon attacks, bound to Ctrl by default?

    If so, and if it did not work, which class is your character?
    I've seen that if a class has a skill which replaces the regular attack,
    (such as one of the Demon classes, if I remember correctly)
    and they have their skills sealed, they cannot regular attack.
  • Sold out already!?

    I had already started with my costume.
    I was refreshing the webpage, wondering when
    they would show the button for buying tickets.
    Five minutes in, I notice it's at the bottom of the page.
    And I go to add myself to the waiting list
    and it's already full!?


    How few spots does MapleStory Fest have!?
  • [Broa] Buying Perm Pendant Slot (sold FrenzyTotem)

    Fawko wrote: »
    How is that safe for the person buying the totem at all?
    I made a non-trivial exchange with a player once. I made a video about it too. Will that convince people to trust me? https://youtube.com/watch?v=I2uZNWu7Bs8
    Fawko wrote: »
    worthless anvils
    One man's trash is another's treasure. Some people out there like to collect hats, and these are ones that can't be obtained anymore except through anvils; Except for the Raven Ninja Bandana, which has about a 1% chance to obtain for every 2 crimson hearts.
    Fawko wrote: »
    I've been told Frenzy Totem is worth $1000, and Permanent Pendant Slot is worth $70. I refuse to break the TOS, so I'm only going to trade for in-game things. Based on the Meso Market prices I've seen, the worth of 1b mesos fluctuates between $2 and $3. So 400b would be $800 in the worst case for me and $1200 in the best.
    Lyeden wrote: »
    Frenzy totem worths about 1500-1800b mesos.
    If it's actually worth this much, then 400b is a great deal for the buyer.
    Fawko wrote: »
    permanent pendant slot for 5 no boom scrolls
    Applying that 1b per $2/$3 the other way around, the Slot should be worth 23.3b-35b. I don't recall seeing anyone sell no-booms in the Auction House for over 10b. Lately, I've seen them being sold for 3.5b, but if one were patient and waited for the cheap ones to sell, one could get that many mesos out of it; Potentially more.

    In conclusion, based on my assumptions, ($1000, $70, and 1b per $2/$3) I think the price I'm asking is reasonable. Are my assumptions not sane? Bear in mind that I am playing on Broa. I considered lowering it to 300b, but the $600 worst case would be too far from $1000 for me.

    If anyone wants to only buy the Totem or only sell the Slot, without exchanging for the other, I'm not going to refuse at this point.
  • [CONTEST] Emergency MS Paint Contest


    CursedApple, Broa
    That kept me occupied for a few hours, and it was fun!
    P.S. Is it really a contest if the winners are chosen randomly?