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October 12, 1989
  • If the hacker issue won't be addressed...

    "I'll re-write it again, then. Regular players should not be punished for using maps that hackers are on. Hackers are making it so that questlines are not complete able because they take up maps on every single channel. Regular users are punished for using a map that has a hacker on it.

    Therefore, my solution is to stop punishing non-hackers for what hackers do, if the issue of hackers isn't being addressed well."

    You're kinda special kid.

    It's in the terms of service.

    That's the reason why you CAN GET PUNISHED if you associate yourself with a hacker.
    Your solution is not helpful, it will provide regular users an abusive exploit which is why it's in the ToS.
    They can choose too either abuse hacking on one computer or benefiting off of a random hacker while playing a legitimate character.

    You're emotionally overreacting to an issue what feels like the hundredth time "MANY OTHER MMO/RPG GAMES" encounter, it's not only very difficult, but a strenuous task to handle.
    You don't know without any HARD evidence how many actual regular users aren't hackers.
    I can assure you this is how nexons and/or any other company similar will go by from their perspective.

    A suggestion i can offer you while reporting ad bots is to use other characters or mules instead of your main.
    If a hacker(s) are in the map interrupting your quest line or training, Change channel, try a different time or finish it at a different time.

    Reading how your sad story has the typical,
    "I was with X (illicit intentions) doing nothing i get banned seconds.
    Sounds like another, "Playing the victim role".

    If your buddy truly felt like they were wrongfully banned, then they should contact a nexon staff member thru via live chat on this very site.
    Explaining why and how they felt they were wrongfully banned while providing information and HARD evidence to help state their case to be unbanned.

    I do see a small amount of hackers and adbots time to time spamming ads or taking up training spots, quest lines in my world.
    I personally do not condone nor approve illicit activity.

    To be fair UserRed, Reboot cannot use the "TRADE" function nor auction house.

    Like User Red said many times already including myself, complaining won't make them go away or help the issue.

  • Question about removal of non-kms content

    DiximaN wrote: »
    You still got Byebye as long as it's safe from Nexon's sword.
    DavOps wrote: »
    *I think the memo says that all non-Korean content will be removed, not now but maybe in the future

    Well, let's just kill GMS once and for all.

    However we don't want to be an exact copy of KMS

    The way I see how nexon can kill GMS is too kill the beast tamer.

  • After 2 months, Illium again.

    Nexon GM Zeistugeist me: "I do apologize for the confusion earlier. Hopefully this will get sorted out soon. The best way to see if they are fixed is to check posts from our team on the official Maplestory website or on the official forums."

    It's a process, which he answers by telling YOU to read any updates being addressed by the team dev.

    If you don't like how it's being handled/processed, then tough luck boy, this is how every company operates.
  • An open letter to Nexon

    One of the best business lines I'll ever remembered that shown why nexon was the best MMORPG games during the PRE-BB era.
    I'm aware i maybe wrong with the quote due to not remembering it exactly word for word but it had a significant moral how nexons was at its apex.

    "If our players loved our game, then they would buy NX for that reason."

    How times have progressed, eh?
    Not just with nexon but everywhere else everyone appears entitled to have the power.

    I may not work with nexon nor know the community inside and out but i know for a fact their are still many many issues still unresolved, bad habits with the game and company and vague lines with the community that are still very transparent and shaky.
  • Will Hekaton [KMS Boss] ever makes its way to GMS?

    A cool KMS boss i actually felt as a player a very hype boss to engage in battle against.
    I just love its design, the concept, the teamwork needed, an alternative in gaining coins and the BGM it has while fighting him.
    The only issue of course is the lag it generated when you entered and fought it.
    But still is there any consideration/future plans on bringing it to GMS?

    I've also taken the liberty of creating a poll voicing players opinion if they want to have hekaton in GMS.