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October 12, 1989
  • Merge all reg servers

    The best solution would be to make the auction house universal. Supply and demand will drive in more players to play even in empty worlds. Also @happycows My personal experience, opinion on the trade market, it's been bad in Elysium. No one knows prices, a minuscule or dry number of supplies causes any opportunity to the new players to growth. Lack of frenzy sellers due to the 2x drop coupon removal simply because they see no reason to do business when they make more off training instead of selling.
  • Official GMS 2022 Boycott

    I'll provide some solutions and throw in a few more.


    Issue: The single biggest source of frustration for players. GMS has been silent on many big community topics for months on end (years for some issues). KMS has been great in the past few months with communication and transparency, but not GMS. Many “promises to communicate” have been made, but none have been kept.

    Solution: Provide actual results.

    Server Instability

    Issue: Servers are simply unplayable for many players. Things like “prime channels” being a thing in Reboot is a sign of how bad things have gotten. Regular servers just simply lag in all channels.

    Solution: Buy new hardware, look for new providers.

    Cube Rate Reveals

    Issue: KMS has shown us Flame/Inner Ability stats and rates due to the 2021 scandal. KMS also showed us the cubing rates to save face. GMS has only shown us Flame/Inner Ability rates.

    Solution: Handled very very poorly and 100% all nexons fault.

    KMS Content Roadmap

    Issue: GMS players already know the content roadmap based on the KMS patches. KMS content is routinely ported over to GMS after 4-6 months. However, the last patch had half of it’s content missing without explanation. It has been weeks since and there is still no explanation. Earlier in 2021, Nexon gave us a content roadmap a singular time after requests from players. But, that was the only time. No word currently on 64-bit client other than "we are debating whether or not it's coming to GMS".

    Solution: Link us to other regions we're copy and pasting the patches if we cannot make our own content for our region.

    Patch Bugs

    Issue: Whether it's due to GMS exclusive content clashing with the new patches or Nexon just being short handed, crashes and bugs during launch week are worse than ever.

    Solution: Hire competent tech people or understand why there is a failure to communicate?

    Starforce Prices

    Issue: Starforce prices are double due to a combination of botters and spawn enhancers.

    Solution: It's time to adjust.

    Kanna Nerf / Spawn Enhancers

    Issue: If Kishin follows the TMS nerf, then Kishin will effectively be just a normal class and Kishin will only apply a +exp effect. Players are limited to a certain amount of Wild Totems per month.

    Solution: Spawn enhancers should've never entered the game in the first place. it breaks a core mechanic in any MMO game easily.
    At this point just remove it or return it to its original status.
    Brings back the 2 PC meta helps players rather then hurts them.

    Frenzy Totem

    Issue: Frenzy Totem has opened Pandora's box of spawn enhancement. There is no going back to regular spawn rate for 99% of the player base. There are only a finite number of Frenzy Totems, and this leads to a small number of players having a monopoly on the Frenzy service market. Some of these Frenzy sellers contribute to the illegal meso market. Not having access to Frenzy Totems or Frenzy Totem service simply makes the game unplayable for the majority of players.

    Solution: Again like the Kishin spawn, Just bring it back or remove it completely.

    Netherland Players

    Issue: Regular server Netherland players have been largely screwed over with the trade restrictions to items/auction house. Players understand that Nexon's hand was forced due to local laws and regulations regarding gambling.

    Solution: This issue is between Nexon and the Netherlands.

    Nexon Account Recovery System Loophole

    Issue: There currently exists a loophole in the account recovery system that lets players recover other people's accounts with some bits of personal information.

    Solution: Fix it.

    Secondary Points
    Although these points are not integral to the state of the game, we want Nexon to address and speak on these issues. Some of these issues are years old without Nexon speaking a word on them besides a simple "it's not coming back" or "we're looking into it". Where is the transparency?

    Reboot Vac Pets

    A minor point. "Why spend no money in a boycott so you can spend money on VAC pets?" I believe this is missing the point. The key issue is lack of communication on a change that was supposed to come months ago. What if we don't ever get it? Fine, but tell the players that have been looking forward to VAC pets in Reboot the reason why or why it has been delayed to this point.

    Solution: Should've never been promoted or introduced. Now you've got to deliver.

    Legacy Items

    Issue: Pieces of content like Lab Server, Pottable badge, and Dark Totems that did not come by again. This created a permanent power imbalance between players who have gotten these legacy items and those who haven't gotten it. Those who have content like Lab Server and Pottable badge will forever be stronger than a player with the same equipment but no legacy items.

    Solution: No problems with these items if they help everyone. If they're considered legacy items, just say it and move on to other important issues.

    Fixing Beast Tamers

    Issue: Beast Tamers, being a non-KMS class, has not received the attention they deserve for bug fixes that have happened in recent patches. This has even led to an event where BT players were falsely banned due to a BT bug triggering a hack reason. Also, Beast Tamers are unable to max out all their skills with the given points. "All Together! Critter Crossing!" Does not last through buff freezers.

    Solution: Cool idea, terrible execution, time to go back to the drawing board for her.

    Auction house and Lack of players in non-reboot.

    Merging worlds does nothing at this point to help servers nor its population since Bera is basically the only active stable economic server and promoted server. Very similar to reboot.

    Solution: Make the Auction house universal and keep the servers independent. Allow it to grow naturally.

    Speech along with criticism.

    I'm surprised this has not been mentioned whatsoever. Players I've seen have been increasingly frustrated if they're not allow to speak what's on their mind freely. Players also abused reporting chat bans by crying it hurts their feelings. Alot of sad people and mentally ill people live and breathe for maple story and will do anything for a cheap victory.

    Solution: This company and game resides in America we allow free speech. We should never restrict it or ban people who don't go along with your dumb ideology or grouping. We should choose how to play a game not be told.

    Ending Remarks: We aren't in a position to be making any demands. But we are in control of over selves in what to play. Nexon is perfectly fine by other means of income, sponsors, endorsement etc. they're a business they can continue selling out too china if need be. Crying with idiotic comments like #boycotting makes y'all just look like a typical entitled kid having a temper tantrum not getting their way. Overtime reboots going to be the only server alive, the regular servers will only be populated by 15+ hour no lifers who invested too much time, money, blood sweat and tears into the game to quit. Not much criticism more so than opinion being treated has a fact will be how players talk. People are just going to continue too whine, cry to nexon instead of learning how to deal with it or ignoring it. This is what the generation is all about currently. I've been banned in multiple servers and I wouldn't be surprised if I'll be banned here and guess what? At the end this is a game ran by incompetent management and played by a questionable community. Happy mapling.
  • If the hacker issue won't be addressed...

    "I'll re-write it again, then. Regular players should not be punished for using maps that hackers are on. Hackers are making it so that questlines are not complete able because they take up maps on every single channel. Regular users are punished for using a map that has a hacker on it.

    Therefore, my solution is to stop punishing non-hackers for what hackers do, if the issue of hackers isn't being addressed well."

    You're kinda special kid.

    It's in the terms of service.

    That's the reason why you CAN GET PUNISHED if you associate yourself with a hacker.
    Your solution is not helpful, it will provide regular users an abusive exploit which is why it's in the ToS.
    They can choose too either abuse hacking on one computer or benefiting off of a random hacker while playing a legitimate character.

    You're emotionally overreacting to an issue what feels like the hundredth time "MANY OTHER MMO/RPG GAMES" encounter, it's not only very difficult, but a strenuous task to handle.
    You don't know without any HARD evidence how many actual regular users aren't hackers.
    I can assure you this is how nexons and/or any other company similar will go by from their perspective.

    A suggestion i can offer you while reporting ad bots is to use other characters or mules instead of your main.
    If a hacker(s) are in the map interrupting your quest line or training, Change channel, try a different time or finish it at a different time.

    Reading how your sad story has the typical,
    "I was with X (illicit intentions) doing nothing i get banned seconds.
    Sounds like another, "Playing the victim role".

    If your buddy truly felt like they were wrongfully banned, then they should contact a nexon staff member thru via live chat on this very site.
    Explaining why and how they felt they were wrongfully banned while providing information and HARD evidence to help state their case to be unbanned.

    I do see a small amount of hackers and adbots time to time spamming ads or taking up training spots, quest lines in my world.
    I personally do not condone nor approve illicit activity.

    To be fair UserRed, Reboot cannot use the "TRADE" function nor auction house.

    Like User Red said many times already including myself, complaining won't make them go away or help the issue.

  • Question about removal of non-kms content

    DiximaN wrote: »
    You still got Byebye as long as it's safe from Nexon's sword.
    DavOps wrote: »
    *I think the memo says that all non-Korean content will be removed, not now but maybe in the future

    Well, let's just kill GMS once and for all.

    However we don't want to be an exact copy of KMS

    The way I see how nexon can kill GMS is too kill the beast tamer.

  • After 2 months, Illium again.

    Nexon GM Zeistugeist me: "I do apologize for the confusion earlier. Hopefully this will get sorted out soon. The best way to see if they are fixed is to check posts from our team on the official Maplestory website or on the official forums."

    It's a process, which he answers by telling YOU to read any updates being addressed by the team dev.

    If you don't like how it's being handled/processed, then tough luck boy, this is how every company operates.