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  • Secondary/Primary Swap?

    I knew there was a reason that I liked Cadena!
  • Secondary/Primary Swap?

    Dark Night would beat yo a** with a chain and then strangle you to death with it!!!
  • New Year's sale swizz !! F5

    The apples are trade in account only so they would not have ended up in the AH. Also there was a glitch that has appeared in past years as well. The glitch where characters that have bought apples in past years before were unable to purchase any at all. Lag + crashing issues caused some individuals to be kicked off the game during the 3 min that apples were available. That mixed with what seems to have been a channel cap on apples leading to only a few people being able to obtain any apples at all. I know of some who walked away with nothing after the shop opened. This was a major disappointment for many players and I hope Nexon makes some effort to correct this in the future. I would ask for some kind of do over or compensation for people who were on at the time of the new years shop, but I know that Nexon doesn't owe us anything. It is just a major let down for a game to advertise a special event and w/o disclosing all the rules and limits. To have so many people log in just for an event and walk away empty handed it just not a very good practice. That is just my opinion so take it as you may. I personally lost all motivation to play tonight. Perhaps I will feel more like it in the morning.
  • Uuuum Maintenance still going?

    0AN1 wrote: »
    I'm sure they are doing everything in their capability and not sitting around having a cup of tea just teasing us lol

    They spilled the tea on a server...
  • Uuuum Maintenance still going?

    So much for the game being up 11 pst...Oh look the entire game is re-downloading.