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  • Class guidance for newbie

    Let me just start off by saying that this isn't your typical mmo. Most games you have 1 character or maybe a couple others if you want a change of pace. In this game, it is highly recommended, almost necessary that you create many many different characters of different classes. This is because of link skills and legion. Link skill is a skill that you can transfer over to another character in your account and they give very good bonuses. For example, Mercedes link skill at level 2 gives 15% extra exp. Kanna gives 10% more damage. That's huge. Legion is a bit more complicated but the game should do a good job of explaining what that is, there's also guides you can find on youtube. You'd ideally want to get all your link skill characters which is at least 12 characters, to level 120. Don't fret if you feel like that's a lot of characters to get to level 120. Leveling in those lower stages goes by really fast and if you know what you are doing, you can get a new character to level 120 in a matter of hours. But being completely new to the game, it would probably take you longer as you get to know the lore and gameplay.

    As for classes evolving as you put it, this only applies to explorers, resistance, and cygnus knights. For all of them you start off as a basic no job character and then it branches off and you get to choose which job you want. They all have a warrior, magician, bowman, thief, and pirate variant. All the other ones which is the majority of classes, stays the same and they are heavily story based.

    There are support classes that are very much desired but it's dependent on the situation. For example, kanna is an excellent support for training. Bishop is still a good support in bosses because of heal and that second life thing. All end game bosses have potion cooldown so you cant spam them to heal yourself so bishop heal is still very useful for that. And the resurrect is always great too because you have a limited number of lives. Can't think of any other pure support classes. Most classes do have party buffs that are very useful but most really are centered around dishing out damage. Tanks don't really exist except maybe demon avenger since endgame bosses deal out %hp based attacks
  • Why make reward shop worse?

    ok so first they take away superior shielding wards completely from the cash shop, now they removed return scrolls from reward shop. it at least still exists but nx only. shouldnt you be making the reward shop better by adding things like bonus potential cubes, which people have asked for years, rather than take things away? are 2 return scrolls a month really hurting sales that much?
  • Is it worth playing MS right now?

  • Why get rid of superior shielding wards?

    my plan was to get tyrant gloves to like 7 or 8 stars then transpose it to sweetwater gloves. doesnt matter now, i took a risk and used 5 star aee and the gloves got destroyed. over a year of doing daily kritias for 1 measly stone per day down the drain. hope you're happy nexon.
  • Why get rid of superior shielding wards?

    oh so take them away so nexon can squeeze out some more money by putting it in marvel and philo books. I shouldve known